Tachyon Chamber

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Discover the Tachyon Chamber from your bed. Alien Behind partnered with the Tachyon Chamber of Paris and offered you remote sessions. Get a special discount 10€ off. Order now your 2 tachyon remote session.


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Warning : To have an experience or a journey of visits in a tachyon chamber is to be in search of one’s well-being, no doubt in a spiritual and very personal journey. This must be seen as a step in a global approach of an individual in his journey of life and work on himself, both physical and elevation of his being. Of course, the Tachyon chamber cannot replace medical treatment of any kind or a medical consultation. We invite you in the event of a health problem to, of course, consult your doctor.


1 review for Tachyon Chamber

  1. Cynthia

    I order one pack of 2 sessions and i really felt it ! This cleaned my entire body, i felt a presence and that relaxed me a lot.

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