The Portal: The Goddess Equator

The Portal: The Goddess Equator

the Light Forces are trying to bring as much Light as possible to the
surface of the planet in their project of Return of Spirit, the old
Atlantean Light grid is being reactivated.

very important aspect of that process is reactivation of old Atlantean
Goddess vortexes, connected to the old Atlantean equator:



times of Atlantis, powerful temples were built across equator and
they had direct connection with the motherships of the Galactic
Confederation which were parked directly above them in geostationary
orbit. Those temples were anchoring divine Goddess energy on the
surface of the planet, whereas polar temples were anchoring divine
God energy. Goddess temples always had a sacred lake situated nearby,
where the Goddess vortex was anchored through a female angelic being
under guidance from Iona.

locations of those Atlantean Goddess temples are now being
reactivated by the Light forces. One of the primary reactivated
location is Baalbek, where there was a Goddess temple with a mystery
school since the times of Atlantis:

time after the flood, Goddess Atargatis returned from Sirius to the
region and reactivated Goddess mysteries:

temples to Atargatis with sacred lakes were built in the area, with
primary temples in Hierapolis (modern Manbij in Syria, the sacred
lake converted into a football field), Ashkelon, Qubbet el Bedawi
(the sacred lake destroyed and overgrown with urban settlement), and
Edessa (modern Urfa, the sacred lake still exists and has a tunnel
leading deep underground):



from the vortexes connected with Atargatis, the Light forces are also
reactivating vortexes connected with triple Goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza
and Manat, that originate from preislamic Arabia. These vortexes are
also located at the old Atlantean equator:

into Agartha are also being reactivated energetically along the old
Atlantean equator, such as this one near Ephesus:

being reactivated is the European Goddess Vortex triangle with double
vortexes of Venice, Paris and Budapest, all of them close to the
Atlantean equator. All these three double vortexes have the main
vortex in the city, and the secondary vortex about 10-30 miles from
the main one. Both vortexes are connected with each other with an
infinity number eight energy flow.

Venice vortex in anchored on the Rialto bridge in Venice:



Venice Goddess vortex birthed the Goddess mysteries during
Renaissance through Ordo Bucintoro:

and Mocenigo White Nobility families were carrying Goddess mysteries
in Venice. Both families have roses in their coat of arms. Loredan
family was also expressing Goddess mysteries through Accademia degli

secondary vortex of Venice is anchored at Villa Dei Vescovi in
Euganean hills. This villa is actually an Ascension chamber:

secondary vortex is also connected to Atargatis:

are many smaller Goddess vortexes in northern Italy not far from the
Atlantean equator, such as one in Arezzo and another one in Parma,
where Marie Louise (Maria Luigia) was an initiated priestess of the

Paris Goddess vortex is anchored in the crypt of the Notre Dame
church. There are many other smaller anchor points of this vortex
throughout Paris, such as the original Dendera zodiac in Louvre:

its modern counterpart in the Louboutin store:

secondary vortex of Paris is anchored at the Temple of Love in Petit
Trianon in Versailles:

statue in the middle of the temple was originally a statue of Venus
and was later replaced with a statue of Cupid. A small sacred lake
around the temple anchors energies of Atargatis.

White Nobility family was supporting Goddess mysteries in Paris and
Versailles, through two high priestesses, Madame de Pompadour and
Princess de Lamballe:

Budapest Goddess vortex is anchored in the crown of St. Stephen,
currently in the Hungarian parliament.

secondary Budapest Goddess vortex is anchored in Godollo castle, the
home of Queen Sisi, who was also a high priestess of the Goddess:

Light forces have communicated that after more than 1500 years of
suppression, Goddess temples need to be recreated again on the
surface of this planet. Sisterhood of the Rose has been given this
sacred task. Public spaces that bring the Goddess energy to the
general surface population need to be created. This can be your
private space that is open to the general public at least a few hours
weekly and can bring Goddess energy to the people though meditations,
dance, readings, and music, such as this ode to Isis:

example of a modern Goddess temple is here:

temples need to be created as soon as possible to support the
energetic transition of this planet.

connect with the Goddess energy, you can also read this book: 

remember Isis Astara and her work to bring the Goddess back:

of the Light!




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