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Would Ukraine no longer be the priority of Paris and Berlin, or would they be afraid for themselves?

Published on 23.1.2023

TN reports that the meeting of Ukraine’s allies in Germany has yielded nothing; nothing apart from the same aid promises that have already been made and which Ukraine is still waiting for. While each day Russia perks up a little more, mobilizes even more soldiers and prepares, it is said, a devastating offensive. The meeting yielded nothing apart from this terrible admission by the Americans: it will be very difficult to repel Russia this year.

The meeting came to nothing because Berlin still does not want to deliver its Leopard tanks to Ukraine, hiding behind the fact that it does not want to go there on its own and that the USA will have to give their Abrams tanks first , which Washington refuses to do. Ukraine is not Germany’s priority, it is afraid for itself…

Ukraine is not the priority of Paris and Berlin, they are afraid for themselves

You should know that after the war in Ukraine, all of the Eastern EU will renew its tanks after having donated almost all of them to Ukraine. For 366 used Abrams, Poland paid more than $5 billion. There are no less than 80 to 100 billion dollars in tank sales in Europe for the next few years. And it is the American military-industrial complex that will be rubbing its hands.

Europe is richer than Russia, but its only problem is that it has naively demilitarized itself, starting with a fundamental error in Macron. Remembered you with General Pierre de Villiers who demanded an increase for the armies, that it was Macron’s response, fired like a neat evil, and now he doubles the amounts?? While, on the contrary, Russia has armed itself, now that Europe has really become aware of the Russian threat and the war on its territory, we are heading towards a massive rearmament of the West and the nuclear nations will certainly grow. in the years to come.

Cyprus says it is ready to hand over its 82 T-80U tanks to Ukraine, on the condition that it obtains Leopards in exchange

US will not be able to supply Abrams tanks to Ukrainethe reasons given:

  • Too long crew training time.
  • Maintenance of expensive machinery.

In truth, the images of American tanks destroyed at the front should not go around the world, but better, that the Russians exhibit them as trophies with the technologies that go with them, it is better to force the Leopard to enter the race in order to better discredit them possibly then on the front, with the aim of better energizing and selling the Abrams without ever having put it forward precisely!! In cases or on the international arms market, because everything is beneficial for the US.

After the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Berlin, terrorized, had announced a mega financing of 100 billion euros to rearm, a jackpot of which the largest part would go to the American military industry, sulking to know -to do French. Then in November 2022 the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, struck another blow at Emmanuel Macron by pacting with Israel and other European countries to mount an ambitious military program. It seems that Berlin has come to its senses and is once again turning to the French ally. This is the meaning of the platform signed yesterday Friday January 20 by Scholz and Macron…

Paris and Berlin are perhaps not ready to hasten the step to save Ukraine but to “sovereignty” of the European Union (EU), especially that of its Defence, they want to speed up the pace. In any case, this is what the text published in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Sunday Journal says, two days before the Franco-German Council of Ministers. The signatories speak of the urgency of “to ensure that Europe becomes even more sovereign and has the geopolitical capabilities to shape the international order“.

This is certainly what we will remember from the 60th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty, which sealed “Franco-German friendship”. According to the German Chancellor and the French President, Europe must “invest more and now in our armed forces and in our defense industries in Europe (…). Improved European capabilities and a stronger European pillar within NATO also make us a stronger partner vis-à-vis the other side of the Atlantic and the United States – better equipped, more efficient and more powerful“, they add.

Remember that Macron had put European defense on his agenda as soon as France took over the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU. This was before Russian tanks burst into Ukraine. Paris fought but could not advance an inch on this file, mainly because of the lukewarmness of the other European heavyweight, Germany. It looks like Berlin is willing to follow him this time…

But Macron did not wait for him to armor his internal defense, he undertook on Friday to beef up his army with a budget of 400 billion euros, over seven years; this will be the highlight of the future military programming law (LPM), which will be a third more than the previous LPM. That’s a lot, it’s four times more than Germany’s planned spending on its troops. Vladimir Putin and his wild dreams of expansion have been there….

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