UFOs Shot Down; and the Alien Interviews

UFOs Shot Down;
and the Alien Interviews

By Theodore Colon

January 22, 2023

It was found out that our early radar; would interfere with UFO’s abilities to navigate and fly. We had multiples UFO crashes attributed to early powerful radar.

Alien species known as “The J Rods.”

Sometimes A story comes along, and it’s so fascinating, it must be told. The problem with telling the same story over and over again is eventually things change. People, places, names, events and Facts; Are all Subject to change over many repetitions and retellings.

Throughout history mankind has struggled to accept the true nature of the universe.

Humans traditionally cling to what they know. Or more specifically, what they want to know.

New discoveries that threaten to re-write science or religion are often met with extreme and in some cases violent opposition by those in positions of authority and control.

This holds the same for old (and even ancient) data that is systematically suppressed from mainstream awareness and acceptance.

Yet despite the best efforts of the change-fearing oppressors among us, the truth always finds a way to rise to the surface.

It’s a weird world out there. Time to let it in!



For decades the control group, protected by the secretive cloak of the military industrial complex, has been working alongside an alien species known as “The J Rods.” Together they’ve spent the last 60 years building advanced spacecraft that can travel at the speed of light. These ships are powered by non-polluting propulsion devices that pull unlimited energy from the vacuum of space. It follows that if these technologies were ever leaked to the public, it would destroy the control groups leverage and undermine a multi-trillion dollar fossil fuel infrastructure, Hence the secrecy.

The extraterrestrial craft that crash landed in Roswell was not the only one. In fact, there have been many similar incidents throughout history.

In all cases a generic cover story was used.

In Dulce New Mexico there is a military base deep beneath the surface of the earth.

With virtually no government oversight, horrific experiments on humans and animals continue to this day.

If there is such a place as hell, it would have nothing on this notorious facility.

Massive tunnels accommodate magnetic levitation transport vehicles that connect the facility with some of deepest parts of the earth, ocean….and beyond.

An advisory group formed in the late 40’s known as “Majestic 12” was specifically charged with keeping the newly discovered technologies safe from foreign enemies as well as the general public.

Some of the breakthroughs gleaned from reverse engineering the alien ships include “over-unity” energy devices that pull unlimited power from the vacuum of space and don’t rely on fossil fuel.

Earth’s utopian future was side-stepped by corporate greed and fear, and to this day these technologies are locked away in black projects.

This Story is one such case. Since the original story so many people have added so much insight, so much input and simply so much back story. The original context is all but lost forever. This Story Is a simplified retelling of The Story of J-Rod, A Survivor from a crash that happened a very long time ago, you See, J-Rod was on board when that saucer crashed in 1947 in Roswell New Mexico He was the very reason for the cover up. It wasn’t a bunch of dead aliens. They had finally captured one alive!

You may have read or seen video footage about the alleged alien “ambassador,” who called himself J-Rod, who was one of two surviving Grays captured when their craft crashed in Kingman, Arizona, in the early fifties.

Two Scientists describe an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity called “J-Rod”. [“Extraterrestrial, Biological, Entity”] EBE or EBEN. We are “ISBE’S ~ [Immortal, Spiritual, Biological, Entities]!

A man by the name of Dan Burisch was a “microbiologist who worked for naval intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1991-1996 and at one point went to work at Area 51/Groom Lake and then S4.”

At S4, he was asked to take tissue samples from the captured alien with whom he became close friends over the next two years. During this time, J-Rod revealed to Burisch that “his race had actually inhabited Earth many thousands of years prior, before being forced to leave by several factors: a shift in the poles; extensive solar flares; extensive crumbling of Earth’s mantle.”

He told Burisch that his species had wandered the stars, but that now they had returned to retrieve what Burisch said J-Rod referred to as a “lost genetic factor” from the human race, and hopefully to establish a friendship “if possible.”

It is also thought in some circle’s that the Grey’s have deceived; us and there large eyes mutated from the lack of sunlight over thousands of years living underground; and are masquerading as extraterrestrial’s, alien visitors.

Aliens not only exist, they modified your DNA. There is no missing link. Man is a genetic hybrid of early human’s; and the aliens [with dark intent] “posing as Gods” who infiltrated the earth to create a slave race to mine gold. According to the Sumerians modern man was created by an advanced alien race that descended from the sky.

The rulers of the extraterrestrials were angered by the experiment and looked upon the half-alien, half-hominid humans as an abomination.

A planet wide flood was created to wipe mankind from existence.

But, through the grace of a small alien faction, pockets of humans and animals survived the deluge.

Long since abandoned by our creators and left for dead, we endure under the notion that an all-knowing and loving god created us, and, not unlike abused children, we eagerly await his inevitable return.

The truth is that he is not coming back to save us, and we, like our creators, are all connected.

You are just one example.

All truth must pass through three stages:

First it is ridiculed.

Next it is violently opposed.

And finally, it is accepted as self-evident.

There is no “they” — only the collective subconscious.

It’s time to come to grips with the fact that I am you, and we are all god.

[There’s an infinite number of alien species in this and other parallel universes].

Source: Operation Disclosure Official



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