Black Fox News analyst kicked out of Miami restaurant after white woman owner eavesdrops on his ‘conservative’ conversation [VIDÉO]. – The Informant

Black Fox News analyst kicked out of Miami restaurant after white woman owner eavesdrops on his ‘conservative’ conversation [VIDÉO].

Published on 23.1.2023

Why are the Democrats so intolerant?

  • Why are they so closed-minded?
  • Is it because they are afraid to have a conversation that might require them to explain their opinions?
  • Why do minorities who work hard and achieve the American dream make them so angry?
  • And do they really believe that their abhorrent behavior towards successful minorities with conservative views goes unnoticed?

Saturday, Silke, from “Diamond and Silk”, spoke at the funeral of his sister Diamond, who died suddenly at home. Silke explained that she didn’t want her sister’s funeral to take place in their church because her sister was political and many of the people who attend their church would all become “holier than you” because of her passion for peace. Politics. It was a nice way of saying that their church congregants would not allow Diamond’s funeral to be about his love for President Trump and for conservative politics because they are intolerant of opposing political views and that they were unwilling to give Diamond a pass from the Democratic Party “plantation,” even after his death.

Silk explains why she chose not to have her sister Diamond’s funeral at their church.

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On the same day that hundreds of thousands of people were watching Diamond’s funeral live on RSBN, Gianno Caldwell, a black conservative Fox News analyst and author ofTaken For Granted, How Conservatism Can Win Back The Americans Liberalism Failed“, was asked to leave Miami restaurant “Paradise Books and Bread” by one of the owners because of his conservative political views. She told Caldwell that she was listening to his conversation at the table, was uncomfortable, and asked him to leave his restaurant because their “policies don’t match.”

Caldwell explained that he was talking about the increase in violent crime in America and how he is trying to get justice for his murdered brother. “I also talked about progressive prosecutors, how they exacerbate the crime problem in the country. It was so problematic that she [la propriétaire du restaurant] told me that I had to “leave our establishment.

Gianno Caldwell has pointed out how this type of racist behavior should never be acceptable in America. “If it wasn’t for Jim Crow South, I couldn’t see a big difference,” the Fox News analyst said. “That’s what they’ve done over the years, and me being a black man – I say I’m a conservative – and I kind of have a conversation about their politics.

Look :

There is a target on the backs of people who happen to be black and who happen to be conservative. He added : “Ron DeSantis said in Florida discrimination is not allowed, and I hope they will take a close look at what happened here at this restaurant,” the Fox News analyst said.

To support Gianni’s message on the power of conservatism, his books HERE.

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