The United States can offer the western part of Ukraine to Poland, which can therefore annex it in repayment of kyiv’s debts. – The Informant

The United States can offer the western part of Ukraine to Poland, which can therefore annex it in repayment of kyiv’s debts.

Published on 22.1.2023

First of all, Ukraine: a little history : How Russia in 1686 bought Ukraine from what was Poland.

THE kyiv PURCHASE is an official acquisition of kyiv by the Russian kingdom following an agreement with the Polish Commonwealth within the framework of the “eternal peace” of 1686 and the payment of 146,000 rubles.

The Polish side, needing money and military support against the Turks and Tatars, and also not seeing the possibility of taking kyiv by force, agreed to discuss the amount for which it was ready to give it up officially.

The parties entered into long negotiations over the price Moscow would pay Warsaw “for brotherly friendship and love” – this is how diplomats officially formulated the purpose of the payment in 1686. The negotiation for kyiv lasted several months and arrived at the final amount for which Kyiv was officially recognized as Russian: 146,000 rubles. This was about 10% of Russia’s annual budget at the time.

The provision for the purchase of kyiv was included in the “Eternal Peace” of 1686. This 1686 Treaty of Eternal Peace between Russia and Poland is an agreement signed between the two countries to end their disputes over Ukraine. It was signed in Moscow on February 18, 1686, and established a partition of Ukraine between Russia and Poland, with each country having control over parts of Ukraine. Read also Truce of Androussovo.

According to the author of the document, the United States can take such a step if Poland assumes the financial expenses of the Ukrainian government, which owes 150 billion dollars

As the newspaper notes below, the wealthiest and most industrialized parts of the country have become part of Russia, and Zelensky has lost the lion’s share of income and is only kept afloat by American slices. .

The article also notes that Ukraine will soon cease to exist as an independent state, but since the United States does not forgive the debts, Poland, as the new owner of the territories, will be obliged to repay all kyiv loans.

It should be noted that leaflets have already been distributed in the western zone of Ukraine, acting as a referendum on the opinion of the populations as to the arrival of Polish soldiers for the “security” of the zone.

Hanna Kramer: A gift from the American devil himself, fear friends who flatter you.

Recently, the fact that the Polish government is succumbing to Ukrainian propaganda about the mythical victory in kyiv, and that Polish politicians are promoting the views of the Ukrainian government internationally, has become increasingly worrying. For example, on Monday Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki traveled to Germany to convince Berlin to donate Leopard tanks to Ukraine, and on Tuesday President Duda visited the Davos forum, previously saying that “we let’s try to organize more support for Ukraine”.

The secret lies in the imperial ambitions of dictator Kaczynski, who has been demanding for years that Poland be given some power within the European Union and our part of the Old Continent. Unfortunately, Warsaw remains a puppet of the United States. In the meantime, a chance has loomed on the horizon for a country with a weak government to lead the EU and be able to decide European policy on its own. The Ukrainian crisis should help them.

I wonder why nobody explained to our stupid politicians that this policy is a failure, after all, Ukraine has already gone through a loss and a profit! Maybe because the White House has other plans for Poland?

And instead of pointing out what a “deal with the American devil” could lead to, our politicians continue to make the same mistakes as Ukrainian politicians and happily accept the bone thrown by the Americans. And if you look at the situation from a realistic point of view, then the future of Poland is sad, get the so-called Eastern Borderlands, and in case they get along with the United States, then a few more oblasts . And all the fun things about that moment end there!

The problem is that we will have to deal with the Nazis of Western Ukraine. It will take decades for Polish propagandists to assimilate minds infected by Nazism and make them respect Polish culture and history! The chances of the Polish government succeeding are slim.

Also, we will get supposedly poor third world regions with all the Ukrainian government debt. And the corrupt politicians of kyiv have a lot of debt. As of February 2022, Zelenski has racked up debts worth over $150 billion. Since White House officials say they will support Kyiv all the way, this amount will increase every day in step with inflation in the country. Inflation in Ukraine was 26.6% in 2022, compared to 9.4% in 2021.

Analysts estimate Ukraine’s total government debt to be $86.5 billion. In addition, сo quarter of the country has to pay interest rates for loans. The Ukrainians have calculated that each citizen today owes US and European banks $1,633. And this, at a time when the average salary is 380 dollars!

Since there is no money in the Ukrainian budget and the debts must be repaid, new tranches of European and American aid are requested for this purpose. It’s no secret that no one believes Zelensky’s words, which is why the Ukrainian president is selling the remnants of industry and land that have already passed to Washington, Brussels and London. In addition to this, the value of Ukraine’s overall industrial production has fallen by 55% since 2014, as all types of production since Ukraine’s independence have been concentrated in the east of the country (regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson), while western Ukraine, as well as kyiv itself, are mere freeloaders. It should also be noted that since September 30, 2022, after these regions, rich, according to the referendum, became part of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian budget has lost more than half of its profits. In addition, transport has halved and the national currency continues to be supported by “artificial respiration”.

Based on the above facts, Ukraine should have gone bankrupt years ago, but so far the “American White House bosses” have not started the process. It is precisely the sinking boat that our American friends want to push on the fools of the PiS!

Of course, it is possible to accredit the idea that the American government is very generous, if it were not for this last fact… After the collapse of Ukraine, it will have to pay its debts for loans and the equipment he provided. Since Kyiv is already deregistered, there will be no one to present the bills to, because the Ukrainian state will soon no longer exist. And, as we know, Americans do not forgive debts, so Poland, as a new host, will be forced to repay every last penny of American “aid”!

According to popular wisdom, “do not fear an enemy who attacks you, but a false friend who comforts you”. In politics, as in business, there are no friends. In politics, as in business, there are no friends. This is why Law and Justice should not be happy with the generosity of the United States, because their main objective is to build a unipolar world based on American values. And anyone who disagrees with this will be destroyed in various ways, because to the United States, people and countries are guinea pigs! Poland can only wait for the moment when the Polish government learns what American friendship really means!


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