The Israeli army has studied the war in Ukraine, it will spread on several fronts, and the total war will be marked by saturation. – The Informant

The Israeli army has studied the war in Ukraine, it will spread on several fronts, and the total war will be marked by saturation.

Published on 22.1.2023

“The war in Ukraine is linked to Israel, because it brings about a strategic change on the international scene and in the Middle East,” wrote Amos Harel, military affairs analyst at Haaretz newspaper.

He explained : “The war in Ukraine forced the United States and the European Union to take a harder line against Russian expansion, and focused Western interest in Eastern Europe alongside the China, at the expense of the Middle East, resulting in an alliance between Moscow and Tehran. »

Furthermore, the Israeli analyst said that “Ukraine has become a huge combat laboratory, followed by the majority of the armies of the world, with the aim of diagnosing the trends of future developments”.

In this context, he mentioned a document from the army of occupation, which says that the war will move “from the battlefield to the battlespace”, “in the sense that it will extend over more than a front, including towards civilian, urban and overcrowded areas. »

The war will also become, according to the document, “multi-dimensional and multi-arms”, “that is to say land, air, sea, etc.… which means that it will also take place underground and in the sky and it will combine different functions”.

According to the Israeli military analyst, “all this will be linked to the future plans” of the occupying army, “under the leadership of the new chief of staff, Herzi Haleviwho took office this week.

Herzi Halevi (center) promoted to chief of staff alongside Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (left) and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (right). His wife was also present on January 16, 2023. POOL / REUTERS

total war

The author also indicated that there is a “question mark related to government and public positions in the event of all-out war”, particularly in light of “the worsening political crisis in Israel, and the possibility of an escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories, in addition to the crises of the Israeli army represented by the current service system, which no longer corresponds to the needs of the army, and suffers from problems in recruitment and in the standby device.

Referring to the crises facing the Israeli occupation army, he pointed out that “only 1% of Israelis serve in the active reserve service, and the security situation is expected to worsen in Palestinian areas, which will increase the burden reserve units. »

In this context, again according to Haaretz, the Israeli army document briefly summarizes several central phenomena that will be felt in the clashes and in the wars “of Israel”, if they break out.
In purely military language, he cites several trends in which significant development has been observed. The most important is according to him “the precision manufacturing in the production of many missiles, and the drones which can be directed precisely towards their target, the saturation of the near ground level, that is to say the flooding of the skies with countless low-altitude drones, electronic warfare, awareness operations through the use of artificial intelligence and the improvements needed to protect military forces”.

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