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Texas Medical School removes photos of white students graduating.

Published on 22.1.2023

On the heels of a lawsuit filed against Texas medical schools for violating civil rights laws through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, another medical school in Texas allegedly targeted white medical students by removing their graduation photos.

Texas A&M Medical School removed a photo that was “prominent” at the entrance to the school that showed white men graduating.

Texas A&M’s medical school ranks 80th nationally, according to US News & World Report.

The decision to remove photos of white students follows other disturbing events at American medical schools.

In October last year, a medical school in Minnesota required students to take an oath to “respect indigenous ways of healing” and commit to “fighting racism”.

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Texas A&M School of Medicine offered the following response when contacted for comment:

“At Texas A&M, we are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment to produce qualified physicians ready to meet current and future health care needs, building on the core values ​​of our university,” said a Texas A&M spokesperson.

Tweet translation:

Texas A&M School of Medicine removes photos of white graduates on behalf of DEI. For them, diversity has always meant fewer white people, now they’re saying it out loud.

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The National Desk reports: COLLEGE STATION, Texas (TND) – Texas A&M School of Medicine removed photos of senior graduates who are white males, prominently displayed at the school entrance, as an example of the university’s commitment to diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The school said so in a survey last year for the Association of American Medical Colleges, a nonprofit accrediting body. The survey responses, which touted the school’s commitment to DEI, were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by the medical watchdog group Do No Harm, which forwarded the survey completed at The National Desk (TND).

In the investigation, the school cited the fact that it removed “photos of the graduating class, mostly made up of white males, prominently displayed at the entrance” as an example of promoting communications and inclusive brands.

The survey detailed other institutional DEI commitments made by the school, including DEI trainings for faculty, the creation of a “holistic admissions program” and salary reviews based on “diversity”. .

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