Discover New Bizarre Events Of Alien Encounters ► NYUFO

Discover New Bizarre Events Of Alien Encounters ► NYUFO

Face-to-face encounters with humanoid Aliens and onboard UFO encounters are the fringe of unidentified flying object research. What’s more cases like those teach us about extraterrestrials, who are they? where they’re from, and their interest in our planet. Humanoids have been reported in different sizes and encounters with them are surprisingly numerous. Humans all over the globe had been having encounters with humanoids for a completely long time. In addition every vicinity on earth has an extended history of humanoid encounters. Furthermore One location with a quite wealthy history is the state of Arizona. The video that follows are ten cases from the grand canyon area, every with its insights into the nature and origins of the alien craft phenomenon.

List of humanoid aliens:

Next “This list of humanoid aliens is a collection of various notable extraterrestrial humanoid characters that appear in various works of fiction. Humanoid aliens have traits similar to that of human beings including upright stance, bipedalism, opposable thumbs, facial features, etc”.

NYUFO is Seeking UFO UAP Alien Disclosure. We Seek Public Disclosure of Alleged Government Military Classified Information. All in regards to the existence of several different UFO Alien races interacting with Humans, Animals, and Flora of Planet Earth. Furthermore, the Military admits to being less than forthcoming in this disclosure of what they know. Citizens and Senators of the U.S. say the government should take this issue more seriously we agree.



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