Contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop show a box of ‘important documents’ in the open in Joe Biden’s house. – The Informant

Contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop show a box of ‘important documents’ in the open in Joe Biden’s house.

Published on 22.1.2023

As if the scandal of Joe Biden, who is being investigated for mishandling confidential documents, couldn’t get any worse, a new discovery was made today by the New York Post.

The report comes from content on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was first reported by the New York Post before being censored by social media giants such as Twitter.

A photo taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop shows a box of documents labeled ‘important’ laid out on a table at Joe Biden’s residence in Delaware, days before Joe Biden hosted a birthday party for children.

In the photo taken by Hunter Biden’s laptop, the box of documents is clearly open, meaning the then vice president and his team didn’t even bother to tape it shut .

This latest development is one of many showing that Biden’s mishandling of important and classified documents may be far more careless than many initially thought.

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Tweet translation:

Carloads of federal agents drove into Trump’s home to search for documents in a safe, but Biden just had documents lying around.

What’s in there, Joe? A laptop reveals a box of important documents was on display at Joe Biden’s home.

The New York Post reports: That’s not really where Joe Biden kept the confidential documents he took from the White House, is it?

A box labeled ‘Important Doc’s + Photos’ was left unsealed on a table ahead of a child’s birthday party at the Delaware home where the 80-year-old president was discovered stashing sensitive government documents, a photo of her son’s laptop, discovered by The Post on Friday reveals.

Another image of the infamous laptop reveals Hunter Biden apparently visited the sprawling lakeside home more than 160 times in 52 days while involved in controversial business deals with a Chinese energy conglomerate – and that the house contained the confidential documents discovered.

During one of his visits, the eldest son – who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse – texted ‘Mom’, i.e. First Lady Jill Biden, a few hours after midnight , to ask him if he was awake.

Open the door plz“, he added at 2:37 a.m. on March 8, 2017, according to a screenshot of the exchange.

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