Chechen clerics train. Wagner advances towards Bakhmut. Germany is reluctant to deliver Leopards to kyiv. – The Informant

Chechen clerics train. Wagner advances towards Bakhmut. Germany is reluctant to deliver Leopards to kyiv.

Published on 22.1.2023

According to the website Donbass Insiderthe President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov released a video showing the Mufti of the Chechen Republic, Salakh-Khadzhi Mejiev, leading the first group of clerics of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Chechen Republic, undergo training at the Russian University of Special Forces.

Instructors taught them safe handling of weapons, basic tactical marksmanship training and first aid.

According to the site, these clerics are ready to go to the area of ​​the special military operation in Ukraine at the first opportunity to make “their own contribution to the victory of Russia”. on Satan’s servants “.

In total, more than 300 cadis and imams of mosques in the Chechen Republic plan to be trained at the Russian Special Forces University.

Chechnya participates in the Russian operation in Ukraine via several brigades which are alongside the Russian forces and those of Donetsk.

Bakhmut Front. Ukrainian losses in 3 figuresthe United States advises Ukraine to withdraw its forces from Bakhmut, reports Agence France-Presse, quoting a senior American official

On the ground in Bakhmut, fighting continues, heavy clashes continue in the northeastern and southeastern parts of the city, where the Russian paramilitary force Wagner managed to make significant progress, as well as in the area industrial.

After capturing the village of Klechtcheyevka the day before, Wagner pushed through the AUF defenses south of Bakhmut in order to advance towards Chassov Yar and further establish fire control on the Bakhmut–Chassov Yar road.

German intelligence is alarmed by the huge losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Bakhmut (Artyomovsk) front

According to German newspaper Spiegel, Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) briefed MPs on the situation in a secret meeting this week.

The official announcement was alarming: On the front near Bakhmout, Ukrainians are currently suffering huge losses, the BND briefing spoke of a triple-digit daily death toll. The analysis suggests that the fall of Bakhmout will affect the entire Ukrainian defense line.

“The military situation on the ground makes the issue of tanks more important every day,” summarizes Spiegel.

Andre Wüstner, head of the Bundeswehr Military Union: » The Bundeswehr is actually naked, it is expected that we will face a severe shortage of weapons by 2025 due to the energy crisis. It is simply not profitable for factories to sell weapons at previous prices, and if the cost increases, the department will not withdraw these purchases.

German leopards and not US Abrams. A senior US official says the United States is frustrated with Germany and its back and forth over the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict, Germany has delivered a number of weapons to Ukraine, such as Gepard or PzH 2000 anti-aircraft guns. The United States, with the help of its lobby, is now putting pressure on this country for it deliver German Leopard tanks.

CNN reported that Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin failed to convince newly appointed German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to accept delivery of his tanks to Ukraine. According to a senior US official, Berlin would be ready to do so if the United States itself sent Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Other options are not considered. However, the Pentagon has repeatedly explained its reluctance to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine because of their maintenance cost.

In response to this approach, the Kremlin affirmed, this Friday, January 20, that the delivery of tanks to Ukraine “would not change anything” in the situation on the ground, accusing Western countries of maintaining “the illusion” of a possible military victory for kyiv.

Ammunition depot destroyed

In addition, on the night of Thursday to Friday, there were night Russian strikes in Kherson and an ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was destroyed. The consequences of secondary detonations and fires are still observed.

Outbreak of the Battle of Zaporozhe

There is talk according to the Russian news site Intel Slava that the Russian army has launched an offensive on the front of Zaporozhye (Zaporozhye), chasing the Ukrainians on their way. The Russian Defense Ministry announced the liberation of the village of Lobkovoye in the Zaporozhye region. There is a significant advance in the direction of Orekhov, whose strategically located heights have been taken, as well as those of Gulyaipole and Kamensky, while these localities and the roads leading to them are under fire control.

Fuel tanks for Russian troops in Ukraine are on fire in Angarsk.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the area of ​​the fire is 400 m².

After the fighting in Soledar, Wagner PMC fighters sent 20 trucks with the bodies of Ukrainian servicemen killed in Ukraine – Evgeny Prigozhin.

Prigozhin on the White House statements on the recognition of the Wagner PMC as a “transnational criminal organization”.

“Finally, now “Wagner” and the Americans are colleagues. From now on, our relationship can be called, gang war »

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