V. Putin, victory is inevitable… Our defense industries equal world production. – The Informant

V. Putin, victory is inevitable… Our defense industries equal world production.

Published on 19.1.2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “Russian defense industries annually produce as many missiles for air defense systems as other manufacturers in the world combined”, stressing: “This builds confidence in Russia’s victory in Ukraine “.

Addressing workers at the Obukhov factory of the Almaz-Antey missile industry consortium in St. Petersburg, Putin noted that “Russia produces three times more air defense missiles per year than the United States”. .

He also added that “Russian defense industries produce air defense missiles for various purposes in about a year, like all military industrial establishments in the world”, noting that “Russian production is comparable to world production as a whole “.

Putin continued: “From the point of view of the final result and the inevitable victory, there are many things that have not disappeared, which are the basis of Russia’s victory, the most important of which is unity and cohesion. of the Russian people. »

Similarly, Putin praised “the courage and heroism of the fighters in the framework of the special military operation on the front line and applauded the work of the military-industrial complex, institutions, the people and the whole of the economy, because each of these links: industry, the state of the public financial system and the social sphere, support for families who require special attention from the state and health care, all these elements create the basis for effective development and victory”, emphasizing that “victory is guaranteed without a doubt”.

Regarding the current Ukrainian authorities, Putin said: “The authorities glorify Stepan Bandera, who was an accomplice of Hitler”, adding that “the Ukrainian army continues to use death squads to prevent its soldiers from retreating or surrendering, and continues to fire on civilians in the Donbass and surrounding areas. »

Putin noted “that he has every reason to call the current regime neo-Nazi even more to provide assistance through the armed forces to those who consider themselves part of Russian culture, who are native speakers of the Russian language. and who cherish as much as they cherish their own culture and traditions”, stressing that he can only “protect them”.

Putin said that “the level of efficiency of Russian industrial enterprises allows them to replace the products of foreign manufacturers, which have left the domestic market”.
During his meeting today with the veterans, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the breaking by the Russian army of the siege of the German forces and their allies of the city of Leningrad (currently St. Petrsburg).

Putin confirmed, the day before yesterday Tuesday, that “the dynamics of the Russian economy were positive last year, and the gross domestic product fell for 11 months by 2.1%”, expecting “that it climbs by the end of the year to 2.5%”.

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