INSANE VIDEO shows a man trying to abduct a waitress by pushing her through the drive-thru window into his car. – The Informant

INSANE VIDEO shows a man trying to abduct a waitress by pushing her through the drive-thru window into his car.

Published on 19.1.2023

On Monday, a man attempted to kidnap a waitress in Auburn, Wash., by pulling her out of a drive-in window. This chilling incident was captured on Auburn Police Department security cameras.

The waitress who was the target of the kidnapping said the driver stopped and paid for her order. He asked her for change for a $5 bill, and when she reached out to give him the five dollars, he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her out the window. He also handed her what appeared to be a tie.

After a brief struggle, the waitress broke free and the driver gave up and fled.

In the surveillance video, police pointed out that the driver had a “unique tattoo” that appears to say “Chevrolet” on his left forearm. They released the video and information in hopes of quickly apprehending the suspect.

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Tweet translation:

The Auburn Police Department is requesting any information to identify a suspect who attempted to abduct a waitress in the early hours of January 16, 2023.

Auburn police spokesman Colby Crossley commented on the attempted kidnapping, saying, “From the video, you can see he’s been thinking about the plan he’s put in place, you know, he obviously had the zipper, he grabbed the arm. So it’s very concerning, very alarming, and it’s something that we’re trying to figure out quickly in order to put this guy in custody so he’s not a threat to the community. »

The next day, Auburn police announced they had arrested a suspect at his home in the same city, publicly thanking those who gave “extensive” information that led them to the suspect.

Mr. Crossley said: “Many people called to say they knew the person and were able to give a name… Obviously we had very good evidence. »

The attempted kidnapping allegedly happened at a drive-in cafe called Beankini Espresso where waitresses wear lingerie and bikinis.

On Wednesday, the waitress, who remains anonymous, spoke to Insider and described the extensive security measures the Drive has in place for its employees.

“There is nothing more we should or could have done to prevent this,” the boss said. “We have sledgehammers, tasers, silent panic buttons, we have metal doors – extra precautions if someone tries to break down a door. »

The suspect in the attempted kidnapping has not been publicly identified at this time.

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