Denmark reportedly decided to send 19 Caesar self-propelled guns to Ukraine. – The Informant

Denmark reportedly decided to send 19 Caesar self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

Published on 19.1.2023

DR reports to us that Denmark will send a long-awaited weapons system to Ukrainehe will donate the Caesar howitzer weapon system to Ukraine.

This was announced by Defense Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen (V) at a press conference recently.

Denmark is expected to receive 19 artillery pieces from a French manufacturer in the next six months, and they will all be donated to Ukraine.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen describes the situation in Ukraine as “cruel”.

  • Ukrainians have asked for additional support from the free world, including Denmark, he says.

One of the things that Ukraine has specifically requested from Denmark is Caesar artillery.

These are not weapons that Denmark can send here and now. Simply because they are not yet in Denmark.

But Jakob Ellemann-Jensen says they should arrive in Denmark within the next six months.

But it’s also a decision that comes with some challenges, according to the report. Because the system is faulty.

– We made them aware of this, and they still want to receive this equipment. This means that these bugs need to be fixed before we can release it. But we expect that to happen relatively quickly, says the Minister of Defense.

This therefore leaves a “capability void” in the Danish defence. Understood in the sense that it is weapons that were actually ordered for the Danish defense that will now be missing.

  • This poses a few problems. First, the brigade that needs to be ready next year won’t be able to be ready as quickly, and second, it means something for our retention of personnel. Because people who are gunners need something to work with.
  • We are therefore working on a replacement as soon as possible,” says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

The crown jewels of Ukraine

The government sought Parliament’s support for this donation through the Foreign Policy Committee, and it obtained it. Jakob Ellemann-Jensen will then officially announce the donation at a donor meeting at the Ramstein base in Germany tomorrow.

Defense Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen (V) received a direct request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj to donate Caesar systems during a meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) for Defense Cooperation in Riga in December. (Photo: © Emil Helms, Ritzau Scanpix)

According to DR defense correspondent Mads Korsager, this is an “important step” and – from a Danish perspective – a huge donation.

  • It is practically all the Danish artillery, which Denmark gives at one blow to Ukraine. This is the most powerful and longest range weapon system in the Danish army. It’s a highly anticipated weapon system that soldiers look forward to working with. But they won’t have it now, he said.

He describes the system as something akin to the crown jewels from a Danish military perspective.

And it is artillery systems such as the one Denmark is currently sending that are critical to the way the war in Ukraine is currently developing, says Mads Korsager.

  • In many ways, the war in Ukraine has become an artillery war, in which great force is used to hit enemy concentrations of soldiers and stores of ammunition or other equipment.
  • What this system can do is shoot very far and very accurately. It actually gives Ukraine the chance to disrupt Russian attacks before they happen,” he says.

According to Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (M), Denmark has already spent 5.6 billion Danish crowns on donations to Ukraine: 4.2 billion crowns in military donations and 1.4 billion crowns in aid humanitarian civil.

Adding to that is the artillery system feat.

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