Their world turned upside down, former CNN fake news anchor Brian Stelter gives a talk on “misinformation” in Davos. – The Informant

Their inverted world, Brian Stelter, former CNN fake news anchor, gives a talk on ‘misinformation’ in Davos.

Published on 18.01.2023

Brian Stelter, a high-profile CNN anchor who lost his job in disgrace after the company’s leadership change, was a guest speaker at the World Economic Forum from Davos this week.

He was chosen to chair a round table on the ” disinformation “in which he asserted that the “fake news” posed the greatest threat to modern society.

During his tenure at CNN, Mr. Stelter aggressively confronted people he believed were spreading misinformation, most of whom were Republicans.

Yet Stelter has repeatedly defended his decision, while employed by CNN, not to cover stories such as that of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Stelter was also a prolific supporter of the Russiagate hoax, where former President Donald Trump was accused of collaborating with Russian President Vladimir Putin to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Tendency : WEF: Klaus Schwab sees himself as a “divine figure”… He will lead the World Economic Forum until his death, according to former collaborators.

It is true that there are several ways to approach the subject of Fake News:

The first is that the WEF has never lied, well yes objectively, it has always done what it announced to us, in this case depopulation, famine, injections, the famous ” you will have nothing left and you will be happy“, in short, a bunch of crazier and crazier nonsense than each other. Unless of course, if they hadn’t actually put them into action in the world!

But where it gets problematic is: that if they announce it to us, ok very well, but when we digital soldiers “ re-announce their words, but with the real terms or the real words put on said words, it becomes ” disinformation ? » .

Explanation: Depopulation means what does it mean, by any means?

  • If we say for “global depopulation”(they want to kill half the humans on earth) is this Fake news?
  • If we say ” for their vaccines » they want to inject the populations to see force under the constraint, but those kills. Is it Fake? while they themselves advocate for vaccines that prevent the birth rate, for example in India or for Africa at the time when Bill Gates did not even hide it when explaining it.

This, in other words, ” the truth of words is not their truths of words“, and if you don’t spread the word” divine from the Guru of Davos in the one and only common narrative in the World, (this is why a single World government) which already begins with the word and the obligation to broadcast ” their information with their words This is why he forces himself to be entirely in denial in order to voluntarily confuse the people. Then, they just have to shout conspiracy or fake news when finally everyone is telling the truth finally, to meditate!!

This is why these WEF individuals are spreading false or misleading information, « verbs and for this they have various motivations, ranging from money to fame to political manipulation. Then, with their well-orchestrated narrative, some may sincerely believe the information they disseminate, but others do so consciously to deceive people (Macron, Veran, Castex, etc.).

The problem is that these characters have already caused significant damage by broadcasting “true/false” information, (“true/false” = In “real” terms these people are telling us real information that is diverted from its original meaning and take their information which is accurate, but presents it in a misleading way or in a different context to make it appear false or misleading. These people can use disinformation techniques to trick people into using their real information in a false context.) .

What is complete mind manipulation: whether in health, politics or finance. Consequences can range from confusion, misinformed decisions, financial loss, suicides, bankruptcy filings, or death by acceptance (injection) “they will go to the slaughterhouse themselves” according to J. Attali.

Ultimately, the fight against WEF misinformation can only be won if everyone takes their share of responsibility by verifying their information, providing the correct translation with the actual words we all know and as we all do, before to share, then encouraging others to do the same, why? Because only the truth wins!

Translation of the tweet:

Disgraced former CNN propagandist Brian The Potato Stelter is in Davos to teach the world about the dangers of “misinformation” 😂

The Post Millennial reports: “On Tuesday, disgraced former CNN anchor Brian Stelter took to the stage at the annual reunion of the World Economic Forum to chair a panel on “disinformation”.

Panelists said the spread of fake news was among the biggest threats facing society today, and praised Europe for its strict internet regulations.

“How does this discussion of disinformation relate to everything that is happening here today in Davos? “. Stelter asked the panel, which included The New York Times’ Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, European Commission Vice President Věra Jourová, Representative Seth Moulton and Internews CEO Jeanne Bourgault.

“If you look at this issue of misinformation,” Sulzberger replied, “I think it basically aligns with all of the other challenges that we face as a society, and certainly the most existential of them. »

“What it attacks is trust,” he continued, suggesting that a lack of trust will lead to the disintegration of society. »

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