Joe Biden’s track record as vice president reveals a pattern of national security recklessness… Here’s what Secret Service agents said. – The Informant

Joe Biden’s track record as vice president reveals a pattern of national security recklessness… Here’s what Secret Service agents said.

Published on 18.1.2023

In the wake of the documents scandal, Joe Biden has been quick to project an image of reliability and caution in his handling of national security. But history shows that his careless handling of classified documents should not come as a surprise. A book written from the accounts of Secret Service agents reveals reckless behavior by Joe Biden when he was Obama’s vice president.

Investigative journalist Ronald Kessler published his book The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents, which details how Joe Biden, when he was Vice President, refused to follow protocol, putting national security on the backburner of the image that he wanted to give. Secret Service agents say Joe Biden refused the long motorcade needed for presidents and vice presidents, who are expected to keep a large detachment of agents, medical personnel and the nuclear rocket nearby.

Kessler wrote,

“Every time Biden returned to his Wilmington home — often several times a week — he insisted that the military aide with the nuclear suitcase stay at least a mile behind him in his motorcade.

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Even if there was no traffic, it would have been impossible for the aide to catch up with Biden during his Delaware tour, meaning he could not have launched a counterattack if attacked. nuclear by Russia, China or North Korea.

Kessler also noted that if “the House Homeland Security Committee were to interview the Secret Service agents who served on Biden’s vice presidential team and ask them to testify publicly about what they saw, their testimony would relativize Biden’s mishandling of classified material and document his outrageous irresponsibility to improve his image.”

Presidents and their vice-presidents keep the nuclear suitcase close to them at all times, in order to be able to respond to an attack on the country. If anything had happened to Obama, Biden would have been expected to handle national security threats.

The nuclear soccer ball is a briefcase that weighs 40 pounds and is covered in titanium and leather. It is secured with an encrypted padlock, contains secure phone capabilities, and written options for launching nuclear strikes that the president might authorize. An identical nuclear suitcase is given to the Vice President in case the President is dead or incapacitated. The acting chief would likely have less than 15 minutes to mount a military response before the US is hit by nuclear missiles, which is why aides carrying the soccer balls are expected to stay nearby at all times of the two leaders. The soccer ball serves as a means of communication through which the command center establishes secure communication with the acting president to respond to national threats.

When Biden took office in 2009, he refused the normal motorcade of more than 15 vehicles, insisting that his vehicle be accompanied by only one other officers’ vehicle when he returned home to Delaware. He wanted to preserve his image as an ordinary man, which meant he had to part ways with bodyguard, medical guard and nuclear football. According to Kessler, an agent said he was told, “Stay away from us, don’t let us see you, the vice president doesn’t want to see you.” The question remains whether Biden deliberately put the country in greater danger or whether his actions show a negligent disregard for national security.

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