FINALLY, an alarming study shows the correlation between falling birth rates and Covid injections. – The Informant

FINALLY, an alarming study shows the correlation between falling birth rates and Covid injections.

Published on 18.1.2023

An alarming study has been published showing the damage caused by the C19 bite. Dr. Peter A McCullough tweeted the results of this study, which revealed significant menstrual problems in women after the injection. He remarked: “Young people should have thought about genetic injections and weighed everything. Most wanted to continue their studies, work and travel without interruption. They traded the injections for long-term consequences. Hoping they are not permanent. »

The extensive research study conducted by Dr. Robert W. Chandler, MD, highlighted the areas of concern listed below, noting that there was no correlation between covid-19 infections and a decline in birth rates, but that there was a correlation between c-19 vaccines and the vast decline in birth rates. Mr Chandler said a thorough medical analysis should be required. His study found:

  • Nine months after the rollout of COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’, substantial declines in the birth rate have been seen in 13 out of 19 European countries, England and Wales (one entity depending on how the data is published ), Australia and Taiwan.
  • The decline in births in Switzerland was the largest in 150 years – more than during the two world wars, the Great Depression and the advent of widely available birth control.

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  • The birth rate fell by 8.3% in Germany in the three quarters of 2022.
  • England and Wales saw a 12% decline in birth rates until June 2022, when their government stopped releasing data on it.
  • Taiwan has reported an alarming decline in the birth rate, but its data is incomplete.
  • In Australia, the birth rate fell by 21% from October to November 2021, followed by a drop of 63% from November to December 2021.
  • On August 25, 2022, the Swiss group Hagemann issued a statement regarding the decline in live births in Europe: “My analysis puts the monthly birth figures in relation to the average of the last three years. In advance, it should be noted that each European country examined shows a monthly decline in birth rates of up to more than 10% compared to the last three years. It can be shown that this very alarming signal cannot be explained by Covid-19 infections. However, a clear temporal correlation can be established with the incidence of Covid vaccinations in the age group of men and women between 18 and 49 years old. It is therefore necessary to require in-depth statistical and medical analyses. »

Dr. Naomi Wolf also spoke of the increase in miscarriages and menstrual problems. She pointed out that internal Pfizer documents described the loss of a child during pregnancy to the c-19 sting as horrific: “Pfizer rates miscarriages as serious adverse events with ratings of moderate or strict. However, they have all been reclassified, by Pfizer, in internal documents under the category of adverse events that have been ‘RECOVERED’ or ‘RESOLVED’. »

Tweet translation:

Dr. Naomi Wolf (@naomirwolf): “Pfizer rates miscarriages as serious adverse events with moderate or severe toxicity ratings. However, they have all been reclassified, by Pfizer, in internal documents under the adverse event category ‘RECOVERTS’ or ‘RESOLUS’.’

Years ago, Elon Musk warned of population collapse, while the globalists of the World Economic Forum have persisted in stating that overcrowding is a problem that needs to be addressed. Musk said population collapse was an existential problem for humanity, not overpopulation.

Tweet translation:

1 – Even as birth rates decline, overpopulation remains a global challenge

E. Musk – Population collapse is an existential problem for humanity, not overpopulation!

Bill Gates is linked to the World Economic Forum and has been at the forefront of funding and promoting vaccines around the world, including the Covid-19 vaccine. According to him, vaccines, which should save lives, could on the contrary contribute to reducing the population.

“The world has 6.8 billion people and will soon reach 9 billion. If we do a great job on new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we could reduce this population by 10-15%. »

The clip from the TED talk in which Gates cites vaccines as a way to reduce the population can be seen here: (Remedy for overpopulation – Vaccines, euthanasia, abortion…waiting for vaccines? @BillGates)

Tweet translation:

Remedy for overpopulation: vaccines, euthanasia, abortion… Wait, vaccines? @BillGates

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