THE BIDEN ECONOMY, the number of millions of Americans who left their jobs during the Biden administration is breaking records. – The Informant

THE BIDEN ECONOMY: The number of millions of Americans who left their jobs during the Biden administration is breaking records.

It’s about to get incredibly insane, from full employment under D. Trump to global downfall under J. Biden, explanation.

All over the world, countries ruled by globalists, in common agreement through Davos, smash, smash, their targeted industries, by destroying jobs in all directions, in the targeted areas, catering, bakery, brewery, in a word, small businesses, VSEs, SMEs and now industrial and banking groups, they strictly follow the plan of the WEF and his “Great Reset” from Davos Guru K. Schwab. Who to stop them before the “Great Changeover” or the “Great International Bankruptcy”?

Published on 17.1.2023

The Dailly Mail reports : Goldman Sachs cut 3,200 jobs – giving some workers just 30 minutes to pack up their desks and gone and firing them without paying them a bonus for their work over the past year….

Goldman Sachs began cutting 3,200 jobs Wednesday at its offices in New York, London and Hong Kong, to cut spending.

According to some sources, the employees were fired in brief meetings, and their annual bonuses were withheld in an attempt to induce resignations.

Many former employees have already spoken on LinkedIn to share their shock.

The move comes as CEO David Solomon warned the investment giant needed to cut costs after its workforce hit 49,100 as its revenues shrank.

Goldman Sachs began cutting 3,200 jobs, laying off workers from its New York, London and Hong Kong offices in just 30 minutes.

As mass layoffs began on Wednesday, many employees were fired without even receiving bonuses for their work in 2022, reports the Financial Times.

Employees were reportedly fired through meetings and phone calls, and had their office badges deactivated when they were escorted out of buildings. The company will also send personal items to terminated employees who were out of the office.

The investment banking giant is set to lay off around 6.5% of its 49,000 staff as CEO David Solomon seeks to cut spending amid falling revenues.

We know this is a difficult time for people leaving the company,” Goldman Sachs said in a statement. We are grateful for the contribution of all our employees and we support them to facilitate their transition.

We are now focused on sizing the business appropriately to seize the opportunities that come our way in a challenging macroeconomic environment.”

Sources told The Times that although bonuses have been withheld, many senior fired chief executives will still be paid until the end of January, after which they will receive a three-month severance package.

As for more junior employees, those at the VP level and below, they only received two months of severance pay, the sources said.

Some Goldman Sachs employees have said the lack of bonuses this year could be a ploy by the bank to induce more workers to quit, allowing it to avoid severance pay while cutting more jobs.

Breibart reports : The Silicon Valley Slump: 1,600 tech workers laid off per day in 2023.

The Gateway Pundit reports: THE BIDEN ECONOMY: the number of millions of Americans who quit their jobs under the Biden administration is breaking records.

The Biden economy has faced a major challenge itself in 2023, as the number of millions of Americans who have quit their jobs hits record highs. Since the start of the Biden administration, the unemployment rate has risen dramatically, reaching levels not seen since the 2008 economic crisis.

Experts claim that this situation is mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, created, invented and fabricated from scratch and which has had a devastating impact on many sectors of the American and also French economy. Businesses were forced to shut down and lay off thousands of workers as they could no longer cope with lockdown restrictions and decreases in demand.

The Biden government has launched relief programs to help workers and businesses affected by the crisis, as in France by Macron, also exploding deficits, in particular through temporary unemployment programs and subsidies for businesses. But despite these efforts, the unemployment rate remains high and many Americans and French people continue to suffer from the economic crisis.

It is more than obvious that the American and French economy will never return to their pre-crisis level for several years, or even if no one stops them..

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