Social Democrat Boris Pistorius appointed Defense Minister. – The Informant

Social Democrat Boris Pistorius appointed Defense Minister.

Published on 17.1.2023

This change at the head of the Ministry of Defense (Bundesministerium der VerteidigungBMVg) comes as Germany is under pressure from all quarters to supply more heavy weapons – including tanks – in a bid to help kyiv in the face of Russia.

Little known nationally, the interior minister of the Lower Saxony region Boris Pistorius has been chosen as defense minister. REUTERS – Axel Schmidt

With our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Thibault

Once again, Olaf Scholz surprised. Boris Pistorius was not among the names circulating to take charge of the Ministry of Defense after the resignation announced Monday of Christine Lambrecht.

The Social Democrat is Minister of the Interior for the region of Lower Saxony. His skills are recognized. Admittedly, he has no government experience, but he plays a role in decision-making centers in Berlin and was already considered a minister in the past. His mastery of files and his grip undoubtedly played a role for Olaf Scholz; although Boris Pistorius did not work on military matters.

Meeting of Westerners on Friday

A Christian Democrat official criticized a “plan B” and a personality who does not know the files. Boris Pistorius will have to study them quickly. On Thursday, the day of his official appointment, he will meet his American counterpart Lloyd Austin. The next day, a meeting of Ukraine’s allies is held at the Ramstein base in Germany.

Olaf Scholz has, by this choice, broken his promise of a government respecting gender parity. Boris Pistorius succeeds three women at the head of the German army, including the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

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