Flash, a Soros-funded nonprofit that is suing DeSantis for moving illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard becomes the target of an IRS ethics complaint. – The Informant

Flash, a Soros-funded nonprofit that is suing DeSantis for moving illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard becomes the target of an IRS ethics complaint.

Published on 17.1.2023

Leftist George Soros, known for funding organizations that undermine American freedoms while fueling divisive politics, is helping fund a group that has sued popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, it looks like the Soros group is now under intense scrutiny.

Alianza Americas, a nonprofit funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation, filed a lawsuit in September against DeSantis over his decision to send illegal immigrants to a place designated as a sanctuary, Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard claims to be a haven for illegal immigrants, but bussed them all out within 48 hours of arriving at this posh liberal haven.

Americans concerned about the border crisis applauded the decision of Florida Governor DeSantis and Texas Governor Abbott to send the illegals to sanctuary cities and the sanctuary island of Martha’s Vineyard, giving leftist areas “a taste of their own medicine”.

Tweet translation:

GREAT NEWS : Desantis and Texas Governor Abbott must send all illegals arriving at the border between now and Election Day to all sanctuary cities and the island of Martha’s Vineyard in the United States. A taste of their own medicine.

Tendency : USA: The appointment of a special counsel in the Biden case teaches us something new about Merrick Garland.

One may wonder why the community would call itself a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants when in reality it does not have the capacity to accommodate them long term and does not really want to have to deal with the implications of opening borders.

The lawsuit against DeSantis was filed professionally and personally and claims he targeted “non-white” illegal aliens while describing free transportation to the luxury island as an “illegal and fraudulent scheme.” »

Alianza Americas received over $1.7 million from Soros. And it had recently been revealed, according to the Washington Examine, that the group withheld important tax information when it failed to report lobbying activities over two years of IRS tax filings for 2019 and 2020. The National Legal Policy Center (NLPC), a watchdog group, said Alianza America’s tax filings made conflicting statements regarding lobbying activities and that the group should be investigated by the IRS for “civil or criminal penalties” and potentially lose its tax status. ‘tax exemption. The NLPC complaint was filed with the IRS and says,

“It seems abundantly clear that Alianza Americas violated IRS laws and regulations for failing to report that it engages in lobbying activities as defined by the IRS and for failing to file Table C required listing the expenses for these activities. »

The NLPC accused Alianza of having scheduled more than 200 “congressional visits” between 2017 and 2019, in addition to attending congressional briefings in which they advocated for the granting of legal privileges to illegal immigrants. Nonprofits are allowed to lobby Congress, but must disclose this activity on their tax returns.

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