Davos season 2023, will you take a little more? Ursula demands money, Schwab admits to using an avatar, and what would Ursula be without Davos or Soros? – The Informant

Just to better understand and see clearly, because before your eyes, the 3 O crossed = 666
Just to better understand and see clearly, because before your eyes, the 3 O crossed = 666

Davos, will you take a little more? Ursula demands money, Schwab admits to using an avatar, and what would Ursula be without Davos or Soros?

Published on 17.1.2023


Metaverse: Global Collaboration Village Press Conference WEF 2023.

It was Klaus Schwab’s first experience using an Avatar “I got used to it so quickly, for me it’s the next big phase of development in the virtual world.”

The future of humanity according to the psychopaths of the WEF… a humanity emptied of all biological substance, of all free will…

Time is doing its work and the people are uniting. In Davos, these die-hard leftists are aware of the World Economic Forum scam. They literally say they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, masters of manipulation and they have done everything to keep us, to divide us, the people.

The titanic work of the digital soldiers mixed with the monstrosity of these people and their acts is waking up the people at maximum speed. Now it’s up to Trump and Musk to finish the job with the public BIG REVEALS for the normies…


“The series of restrictive EU measures imposed on Russia due to the military operation in Ukraine will weaken the country’s economy in the years to come,” said European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen at the Forum. Davos World Economy.

Von der Leyen at the WEF asks private investors for money for the conflict in Ukraine.

“We have imposed the toughest sanctions in history, after which the Russian economy will plunge into recession for decades, and its industry will be deprived of modern and important technologies,” she said.

When the Euro no longer exists, when Western Europe will be plunged into a societal, social, migratory, financial and economic crisis, Russia will already be working with Asia, with the Eurasian bloc, with the rest of the world.

With a blind ideology, one makes ridiculous statements.

What would Ursula be without Davos or Soros?

The established media will never tell you: it was Elon Musk who declined the invitation he had received to go to the winter forum in Davos, at the start of 2023. Suddenly, bad player, Klaus Schwab decided that Twitter would no longer be part of the referenced social networks by the Forum. What trigger a downward spiral for Davos?

The good news seems to be that same Elon Musk has started playing Claude Schwab on the downside. By announcing (https://www.thestreet.com/technology/elon-musk-snubs-the-most-powerful-club-in-the-world) that he had declined the invitation received for the oligarchic party of Davos 2023, Musk aroused the ire of organized philanthropy, which immediately delisted Twitter from the list of social networks partners of the event. Considering the fact that – cost-effectiveness considerations aside – the Tesla appears to be the only Reset toy that looks like it should at least technically work, that’s pretty bad news for the upgrader club. humanities. Read more here

Davos 2023: Alain Berset, President of the Swiss Confederation: “The world needs strong multilateral platforms because today’s greatest challenges are transnational: climate change, pandemic, war, migration, proliferation…”

In summary :

1️⃣ Place Young Global Leaders and other globalist puppets at all levels, in all countries of the world
2️⃣ Create problems: plandemic, geoengineering, wars, human trafficking, transfer of resources from States to multinationals (BlackRock, Pfizer, McKinsey…), destruction of public services (hospitals, education…), inflationary measures, deterioration of health and of the environment …
3️⃣ Formalize global governance, guided by the principles of Agenda2030/Great Reset and already at work behind corrupt national governments, presenting it as the only solution to transnational crises.



What a shame, to put it mildly. Davos Forum discusses… Tank Delivery to Ukraine. There, this Polish Duda said that he was gathering a coalition of Western countries to supply armored vehicles to kyiv. Previously, in Davos, other topics were discussed. Like the economy and everything. It is good that there is no Russian or Chinese company today.

They probably hope that the “tank coalition” will bring the long-awaited partition of Ukraine for Pshekov closer. But then, it is not necessary to create a coalition, but to make a collective paper. About the surrender of the rotten kyiv regime in order to save people. And about the future configuration of what will remain of the place.

Translation : “The Poles are organizing the supply of tanks to the kyiv Junta not to support Ukraine, but out of Russophobia and half-hearted desire to come and annex territories in western Ukraine that the regime in Warsaw considers to be its own. The Poles are not the friends of kyiv, but those who will stick a knife in the back when the time is right”.

History with Pierre de Villemarest: Already in 1972 the forum of Davos wanted to control the world. On Odysee in case of power cut here

“I had the shorthand of their debates (DAVOS winter 72/73):
The conclusion applauded by the Soviets present was:
“Before 20 years, there must be no more than 200 or 300 multinationals in the world to control everything related to research, exploitation and distribution of the key raw materials of our time.
There will be 3 industrial engines in the world:

  • the pan american
  • Japanese
  • the pan-European including the USSR”

And the year after, the Trilateral was born.
All SMEs would become subcontractors. »

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