Sixth-place finisher in American Idol contest, 31, dies suddenly after suffering heart attack [VIDÉO]. – The Informant

Sixth-place finisher in American Idol contest, 31, dies suddenly after suffering heart attack [VIDÉO].

Published on 16.1.2023

American Idol finalist CJ Harris, 31, was a crowd favorite during the music talent show’s 2014 season. Harris cracked the top six in the competition and was paired with Darius Rucker for a duet on the show. The duo bonded after the conclusion of the season of American Idol, where Rucker was their mentor.

The duo performed together at the Grand Ole Opry on May 29, 2014.

Photo credit Grand Ole Opry Facebook

On Sunday, talented singer Curtis “CJ” Harris died in an ambulance on his way to a local hospital in his hometown of Jasper, Alabama after suffering a heart attack.

The Daily Mail reports : Harris auditioned for The X-Factor and The Voice but was unsuccessful, so he turned to American Idol, where he made a strong impression on the 13th season.

He first auditioned in Tuscaloosa and then in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2014.

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Harris wowed the judges with her rendition of the Allman Brothers Band song Soulshine.

Judge Keith Urban told CJ, ‘You sing because you have to sing, not because you want to sing. And I say that in the deepest way. And that’s why it’s so believable and real.

I am heartbroken to learn of the passing of my friend CJ Harris, a member of American Idol. I am completely shocked. We will miss your talent and your smile, and the world is definitely a darker and oddly quieter place without you. I will miss your random phone calls asking for life advice and talking about the world of music. When you go through something like Idol together, it brings everyone involved together like one big, weird, dysfunctional family. I am grateful that our paths crossed and that I can say that you were (and always will be) part of mine. There’s a lot of things that I realize I’ll never understand – the fact that you’re leaving us so soon is one of those things. Rest in peace, my friend. See you on the other side.

Nothing to see here, just another young artist who suddenly dies after suffering a heart attack/accident. Just last week, Lisa Marie Presley, 54 years old, died suddenly of a heart attack.

Less than a year ago, a perfectly healthy 25-year-old woman, Haley Bieber, suffered a stroke due to a blood clot in her brain. Barely three months later, her husband, the singer Justin Beiber, 28 years old and in perfect health, announced that half of his face was paralyzed after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a rare disease caused by the varicella virus which results in paralysis of the face.

Hong Kong researchers found a link between the syndrome of Ramsay Hunt and the Covid-19 vaccine. The researchers carried out a case study on a healthy 37-year-old man who was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome just two days after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

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