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What happened at Miss Universe… Summary.

Published on 15.1.2023

If we made them adopt such a strongly oppressive religion as they do with their mentally ill, obsessed, perverted religion, we would long ago be in prison, or committed suicide. Of course, everything is normal in their decadences with their cramming so that we have to accept their standards on the cover of their entire pedophile network.

Make no mistake about it, all this is part of their plan, and of their famous agenda “you won’t have anything “in your pants” but you will be happy”, here is in essence this new frame or narrative of the Satanist pedos of the WEF. Yes, this is all another scam of the globalists, with one of the other multiple schemes programmed, in addition to lethal injections or chemtrails, etc. Always for the purposes of world depopulation too: How ? Quite simply by precisely avoiding what nature offers us with the most beautiful ” Reproduction between a man and a woman naturally “, and not in gender brainless intended for their pedo network market, since childhood, to the automatic birth management incubators for profit in the first time and in the second time of slaves ” transhumanized by DNA selection, so simple to understand. (Of course, all for your good and your enjoyment of sex).

Listen carefully to his words, before, you will have noticed the beautiful butterfly of MK ultra around the neck and on the ears, so much to do, as much as it goes up more quickly in the brain!!!

What’s up at Miss Universe… It’s a MAN, baby

Even in English you can understand that they are crazy, ” am I speaking on behalf of all women? “um, he’s a transgender man yes and then, ” inclusion is the best, blah, blah, in creativity, for the beauty of humanity… blah? » . You have to accept a transgender Miss Universe or you’re a bigot.

In short, the madmen are in powerthe Russians just have to behave or kick their heels…

Presentation miss universe, wait to listen to France, can this be cut too close? or then the Adam’s apple for you to judge?

R’Boni Gabriel, an Asian-American, became “Miss World 2022”.

The crown was contested by 84 participants from all over the world. The saddle competition brought about a change, allowing mothers and sweet brides to improve their skills.

Surprises at the Miss Universe pageant, no, we got the rough Bi*e. Meet Miss Universe Salvador!

We’re sorry to report that this is how Miss USA dressed for the Miss Universe Pageant.

It’s not even a deepfake! Clownworld is real now. And there is no way out, the USA has definitely entered the brainless era and will regret their choices, we know that wokism is rejected there and when the people are tired of this brainwashing it will do wrong, she will have to put her stars on her back to run fast, never has a country like the USA bought so many weapons, which is now ominous and conducive to a civil war like never before experienced.

At Miss Universe, Wiktoria Apanasenko from Ukraine took the stage with a sword… did you get the message?

“Miss Ukraine” (the one in anime costume and with a sword) put on a show posing for a group photo during the Miss Universe semi-finals.

Seeing Russian Anna Linnikova, she asked Miss Colombia to change places in order to stand out from her Russian rival.

The filmed circus.

“A” Ukrainian YouTuber is outraged that Miss Russia is participating in Miss Universe and accuses her of participating in Russian propaganda. Why do you think apart from the conflict? Quite simply because she is a woman, and what is more, a magnificent woman… it hurts the C*l of trans people, who will never be able to be a woman and give birth naturally.

🇷🇺 Anna Linnikova had entered the semi-final of Miss Universe.

By the way, the organizing committee “Miss Ukraine Universe” asked the contest organizers to withdraw the Russian girl from participation. But they were refused.

BFMwc reports that Floriane Bascou will wear the colors of France, this Saturday January 14 at the Miss Universe contest in New Orleans in the United States.

It is Floriane Bascou, and not Diane Leyre, who will represent France in the Miss Universe contest on the night of Saturday to Sunday, in New Orleans. The 21-year-old, Miss Martinique 2021, is the first runner-up of Miss France 2022.

Diane Leyre, who has just finished her “term” of Miss France, and left her crown to Indira Ampiot last December, had expressed in October his disappointment at not being able to compete, and invoked a “lack of time”.

“Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the Miss Universe contest due to lack of time and preparation a few weeks before my presentation of the Miss France title, next December,” she said in a press release. “I don’t like to do things by halves when it comes to representing France. »

Diane Leyre

Some other representatives of the competition:

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