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The disturbing history of vaccines – Marc Menant.

Released on 15.1.2023

Taking advantage of the Covid-19 crisis, allopathic medicine tramples on the greatest of our republican principles: freedom!

Marc Menant dismantles in this punchy essay the failings of this medicine by taking up its story, point by point, and denouncing its impostures!

What an upheaval! In 2021, medicine took advantage of the Covid-19 crisis to claim pre-eminence over the main principles of the Republic, including the most noble, the most ambitious and the most emblematic of them: freedom!

From the height of its presumptuousness, allopathic medicine refuses, unlike other sciences, the principle of questioning which always ends up weakening, even abolishing, the best established theories. Like an absolute truth erected into a religion, it brings to the firmament its precept of germs and enemy diseases to be fought with vaccines and synthetic molecules.

A science of sciences, medicine is certain that without its advances, humanity would stagnate, scrawny and emaciated, ravaged by myriads of viruses and other bacteria. To believe that only saddled donkeys laugh at the tirades of Knock by Jules Romains: “Health is only a myth, a precarious state that does not bode well. […] We don’t care enough […] Healthy people are sick people who don’t know […] “.

And what about the healthy people labeled “asymptomatic” by the luminaries of the Faculty? Drama experienced by three quarters of the infected who have become responsible for the spread of the disease when they do not develop any symptoms! The great pundits of medicine have persisted in proclaiming these “clandestine patients” dangerous for others, guilty of an undeniable offense of “delusion of good health”! A crime fortunately avoidable by vaccination guarantee infectious disease specialists…

An endemic flaw, among others, of medicine and its hasty and definitive conclusions that I intend to demonstrate in this book by taking up, point by point, the History of allopathic medicine and denouncing its impostures! – Martine Baternel

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