Johan Livernette, by far the best quick historical explanation of what Freemasonry has done to France for….. A very long time. [vidéo] – The Informant

John Livernette, by far the best quick historical explanation of what Freemasonry has done to France for….. A very long time. [vidéo]

Published on 15.1.2023

Faced with the Masonic plot, the return of Catholic France. His website here

Find in this video my speech given on Saturday March 24 in Rungis, during the 2nd real country party organized by thecivitas institute. This intervention deals with many subjects which, for the most part, have been covered in Freemasonry, 300 years of imposture and The Plot Against God.
This speech was filmed from another angle by Patriots TV and the civitas institute.

The YouTube version below and backup in case it skips again:

Johan Livernette – Faced with the Masonic plot, the return of Catholic France.

Another, Stephane Blet died mysteriously, explained to us: “It was the ritual of the Knight Kadosh that made me vomit” and left Freemasonry.

Freemasons should be banned from serving in the police and the judiciary. Except that in France, they are very numerous in these institutions. The problem is that the masonic law is superior to that of the republic

Paluches and BooksStéphane Blet talks to us about Piano and Freemasonry (January 2021)

Stephane Blet, born March 9, 1969 in Paris and died January 7, 2022 in Geneva, is a French pianist, composer and polemicist. A former Freemason, he is also known for his anti-Masonic and anti-Semitic positions. He is notably the author of several essays on the subject of Freemasonry.

Stéphane Blet & the goy in the Talmud.

The Talmud is the fundamental text of Rabbinic Judaism, it is the basis of its Halakha (religious law).
The Talmud is composed of the Mishna (the writings, the oral law) and the Gemara (the commentaries). It is the civil, political and religious code of the Jewish people.

In this book composed of 63 volumes, the single truth does not exist, and each rabbi is free to interpret and teach it as he sees fit. Written between the year 100 and 500 AD, this book is the very rejection of the Incarnation and the Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
This book is, by far, the most racist, racialist, hateful and blasphemous book, and this, long before Mein Kampf.

We will quote a few passages that demonstrate this:

  • Kerituth 6b: Only Jews are human, non-Jews are not human, but cattle.
  • Aboda Zarah: Even the best non-Jew will have to be killed.


This horror photo was taken in Cayrú N°762 Masonic Lodge in Brazil. They are so sick that words cannot express it. These Satanist pedophiles are pure evil.

Edward Snowden

All rumors about Freemasons are true. Yes, they marry little boys and then do sick and evil things to them all over the world. The wedding photos come from Cayrú N°762 Masonic Lodge, Brazil. The 1852 slave chains bear the Masonic symbol. This old energy has been around for a very long time, look at this link to understand.

Freemason, Khazarian, Luciferian, Satanism, Zionist, Fascist, Jesuit, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Yakuza, MI6, CIA, FBI, KGB, Mossad, Triads, CCP, Mexican Cartels, Vatican, Italian Mafia – ALL CONNECTED

Freemasons promote pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse and many hold positions in the police, fire departments, politics and “security” agencies.

Also watch: Freemasson Promote Pedophilia & Satanic Ritual abuse

Freemasonry’s Best Kept Secret: ritual sodomy.

The symbolism will be their downfall. During the Golden Globes ceremony, this actor does not even hide his membership in Freemasonry with his hand hidden roughly in his jacket in plain sight. Everything is exposed

The “hidden hand” gesture is so popular among famous Freemasons. This sign allows the members of the Secret Brotherhood to recognize “theirs”. Furthermore, the invisible hand behind the cloth may also be a clue to the secrecy, closed to the uninitiated of Freemasonry.

Alexandre Lebreton tells us the Freemasonry – Politics.

An investigation by Mos Majorum on the links between the Grande Loge Féminine de France and several personalities of institutional feminism.

A feminism that has now become institutional in the republic: because it transpires directly from the lodges to the controls of this hell paved with good intentions…

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