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Flash, OTHER classified documents found in Biden’s house in Delaware.

Published on 15.1.2023

Mr. Biden’s White House is in crisis as a fast-moving investigation into Mr. Biden’s mishandling of classified documents has led to the appointment of a special adviser by Attorney General Merrick Garland, which could result in civil or criminal prosecution.

To make matters worse for Biden, the new Republican House of Representatives has said it will oversee the investigation.

Even though Biden’s attorneys say they are fully cooperating with the Justice Department, new batches of classified documents continue to be found at Biden’s personal residence.

On Saturday afternoon, an additional five-page document was found by Biden’s special adviser, Richard Sauber.

It has not yet been revealed what the document’s classification level was or what its contents were.

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Tweet translation:

Statement from the Office of the White House Counsel clarifying an earlier statement, releasing additional information on the process, and highlighting the direct and continued cooperation with the DOJ and the Special Counsel:

The Daily Caller Reports: Five additional pages of classified documents have been discovered at the home of President Joe Biden, his special counsel, Richard Sauber, announced on Saturday.

Those pages were found by Sauber Thursday in Wilmington, Delaware, while facilitating the delivery of another classified document found Wednesday to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Sauber said in a statement.

Mr. Biden’s lawyers were conducting a search of the president’s residences in Delaware following the discovery of classified documents in Mr. Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in November, and found classified documents in his garage on Dec. 20 and an additional document at his residence on Wednesday, the DOJ said Thursday.

When the additional document was found on Wednesday, Mr. Biden’s lawyers suspended their search in the immediate area and contacted the Justice Department because they lacked security clearances, Mr. Sauber said.

These documents, which date from the vice-presidency of Joe Biden, from 2009 to 2017, were found in a room adjacent to the garage, after the arrival Thursday evening of the lawyer of the presidency Richard Sauber, specifies the latter in a press release published on Saturday, January 14, reports AFP.

He indicates that he went to this opulent residence in Wilmington (Delaware) in order to supervise the transmission to justice of a first set of confidential documents, found on the spot on Wednesday.

Richard Sauber, who is authorized to consult confidential documents, discovered five other pages when he came, six pages in total, and indicates that the representatives of the Ministry of Justice who accompanied him “immediately” took possession of them.

In addition to the files found in this private residence, other classified documents had been discovered last November at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in Washington where Joe Biden once had an office, and also entrusted to justice. On Thursday, Justice Minister Merrick Garland appointed an independent prosecutor to investigate the case.

The White House communicated without delay about the files found in Wilmington, but only acknowledged last Monday, two months later, the discovery of those who were in Washington.

A 1978 law obliges American presidents and vice-presidents to send all their emails, letters and other working documents to the National Archives.

The matter is very delicate for Joe Biden, when he plans to run for re-election. She recalls in particular, despite many differences on the merits, that former President Donald Trump is also in the sights of justice for having taken official documents to his residence in Florida.

An Opportunity for Republicans

The White House is trying to prevent any parallel: Joe Biden’s lawyers “acted immediately and voluntarily”, assured Richard Sauber on Saturday, where Donald Trump is accused of having concealed files, in large numbers.

The Republican opposition, weakened by internal dissension, sees this as an opportunity to regain some momentum. She intends to investigate the subject, in particular through a commission of the House of Representatives chaired by the elected Republican James Comer.

In an interview with the Fox network on Saturday, he considered that the “Biden family (was) a national security risk”, in reference to the documents found in Wilmington and to the youngest son of the president, Hunter Biden, a recurring target of the right.

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