A member of the Wagner group on the assault on Soledar, “The enemy did not expect it”. – The Informant

A member of the Wagner group on the assault on Soleda, “The enemy did not expect it”.

Published on 15.1.2023

Sputnik reports that the actions of the participants in the assault on Solar were unexpected for Ukrainian troops, a fighter from the paramilitary company Wagner told Sputnikafter the liberation of the city.

“Our mission was quite difficult – our groups first advanced in one direction while cutting through the forest in another direction. That is, the enemy did not expect a breakthrough from the northern side at all,” Sputnik’s interlocutor said.

According to him, the assault groups broke into the center of the city and cut off the supply routes of the Ukrainian forces.

“It was a sudden maneuver, which the enemy did not expect at all. Their line of defense was not well organized there,” the fighter pointed out.

Earlier in the day, a woman evacuee in Soledar told Sputnik that Ukrainian soldiers had dropped phosphorus munitions on humanitarian convoys carrying refugees. According to her, there were many Poles and Britons in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces.

Release of Soledar

The Soledar release operation was completed on the evening of January 12. According to the Russian Defense, this city is of great strategic importance and makes it possible to continue the offensive on the axis of Donetsk. Located in the center of the Artemovsk-Seversk defense line, it was protected by powerful fortifications of the Ukrainian army.

The release of Soledar will cut the supply lines of the Ukrainian task force deployed in Artemovsk. Russian forces will thus be able to block and surround it, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

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