The special prosecutor assigned to Joe Biden should above all be interested in his son’s ties to China, says the former speaker of the House of Representatives. – The Informant

The special prosecutor assigned to Joe Biden should above all be interested in his son’s ties to China, says the former speaker of the House of Representatives.

Posted on 14.1.2023

The Epoch time reports that the newly appointed special prosecutor to investigate President Joe Biden’s manipulation of classified documents should dig into the University of Pennsylvania’s ties to China and any potential role of Hunter Bidensaid former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.

Classified Obama-Biden administration records have so far been found in two locations linked to the president: the Penn Biden Center in Washington where he worked from 2017-2019 and his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The “Biden documents” affair, explains Newt Gingrich in an interview for Epoch Timeswill bring back “inevitably” to Hunter Biden and the question of “Chinese communist money”.

The University of Pennsylvania has received tens of millions in Chinese funding over the past few years, including a donation valued at $14.5 million in May 2018, three months after the Penn Biden Center officially opened.

Although the think tank denied ever soliciting or receiving gifts from China, the university “never wanted to tell the truth about the number of millions of dollars she received from the Chinese Communists”continues Newt Gingrich.

As an honorary professor, Biden received about $910,000 from the University of Pennsylvania and visited University Park at least nine times, according to local media.

“Money is always fungible. They may have replaced some of the money, which went to Biden, with Chinese money. They don’t open their accounts. They didn’t allow anyone to check them. »

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives notes that University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann is now Ambassador to Germany.

According to media citing unnamed sources, the several dozen classified files discovered at the Penn Biden Center contain intelligence notes relating to Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom, which Newt Gingrich finds suspicious.

During Biden’s time as vice president, his middle son Hunter reportedly pocketed millions from overseas deals in countries like Ukraine and China. In 2021, while promoting a new book, Hunter said his name “was worth gold” for a certain Ukrainian gas company.

Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen, Dec. 16, 2022. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“Joe Biden’s real vulnerability is everything his son stands for, how much money his son has taken. » Newt Gingrich recalls that Hunter Biden was “essentially his father’s fundraiser”.

A spokesperson for the Penn Biden Center reiterated that it has never received any money from China, adding that 100% of its budget comes from university funds.

“Penn is fully compliant with federal law regarding the reporting of foreign gifts and contracts, as foreign gifts are all properly reported to the Department of Education”the spokesperson said by email to Epoch Times.

Too big to hide?

The first batch of Biden documents were found at the Penn Biden Center on November 2, days before the midterm elections, and another batch surfaced in the garage of Biden’s residence in Delaware on December 20. An extra page appeared in a room adjacent to the garage on Jan. 11, according to White House and Attorney General Merrick Garland. But the public was not informed until January 9 of all these documents, when the information filtered through the media.

“It doesn’t surprise me, simply because the game has been rigged from the start. »

“They weren’t going to announce it before the election because it would have undermined the Democrats and significantly hurt their ability to survive the election. I think it’s pretty obvious. »

For Newt Gingrich this is all just the logical sequel to the removal of the story from Hunter Biden’s laptop in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. At the time, 51 former senior intelligence officials signed a public letter calling the story Russian disinformation, although Twitter Files recent reports show that FBI agents have conducted “organized effort” to hush up the matter.

“They removed the negative information about Biden in 2020, and they came back and did the same thing in 2022.”

The raid on Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s home in Florida over the handling of classified documents contrasts with the treatment of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was cleared of criminal charges over the use private mail servers for official communications. On at least two occasions, Clinton staffers disposed of his old mobile devices by breaking them in half or destroying them with a hammer.

“And actually, that’s not a problem. There’s a pattern here where if you’re a liberal Democrat, the options to get away with it are amazing. But eventually it may become too important to always hide everything. »

The issue of fairness

Joe Biden admitted to being very surprised by the discovery of these documents. But these assertions did not convince the Republican.

“I think he lies all the time. »

The Republican National Committee has compiled 21 occasions when Biden’s statements turned out to be inaccurate, he explains.

“I’m not even sure he really realizes he’s lying. » Biden “just says what he wants to say” without “no factual basis”.

Joe Biden interviewed by reporters on January 11, 2023. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Around the time of the Mar‑a‑Lago raid last August, reporters asked Joe Biden if it was appropriate for a president to take classified and top secret documents home, to which he replied. that “it depends on the document, and it depends on the security of the room”.

During a Thursday press briefing, Biden defended the storage of classified documents near his Corvette, saying that “the Corvette is in a locked garage, so it’s not like it’s on the street.”

Newt Gingrich finds this statement to be ” stupid “. “Nothing Trump has ever done has ever been abandoned on the streets. »

Jack Smith, a former Justice Department official, is currently in charge of two criminal investigations into Trump. Besides classified documents, Jack Smith is interested in alleged Russian interference in the 2020 election results. But if the government has a case against Trump, “they have a bigger case against Biden”says Gingrich.

“We should figure out what the rules are. Any rules they apply to Trump, they have to apply to Hillary Clinton. And if they don’t want to do anything for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, they have to leave Trump alone – you can’t have one without the other. »

“It is not the rule of law. And that’s not justice. »

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