Here we are, kyiv could equip its drones with a deadly WWI chemical weapon. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Here we are, kyiv could equip its drones with a deadly WWI chemical weapon.

Posted on 14.1.2023

For us this corresponds very well to the combat doctrine of the American losers, what is more with the labs found in Ukraine, Why? Because only the losers always want to change the nature and the course of history by domination other than the real fight. The United States of the past still proves its involvement in that of the present, (although the Ukraine is also capable of it alone, of course, but without means currently). The United States has proven this on several occasions already, as a reminder, (Vietnam with Agent Orange and many others, Japan with the two atomic bombs, etc.). Chemical Weapons : When the United States set a bad example, by Frédéric de Monicault in monthly 672 dated December 2002.

Declassified Pentagon documents have just revealed that between 1962 and 1971, the Americans would have experimented with chemical weapons. In complete violation of international law at the time.

The hostage-taking in Moscow by a Chechen commando, and the meager explanations paid lip service by the Russian authorities about the gas used to put an end to it, prove at least one thing: in terms of chemical warfare, the great powers always have things to reproach themselves for.

Now we learn from declassified Pentagon documents that the United States, between 1962 and 1971, in the middle of the Cold War, experimented with chemical and bacteriological weapons. Before, of course, the 1972 international convention on biological weapons – which prohibits signatories in 143 states from developing or acquiring products likely to spread disease – but after the 1969 US presidential directive prohibiting the stockpiling of biological weapons and preparation for offensive biological warfare.

In other words, in complete violation of the law. According to US military officials, these “t… Read more here

Sputnik reports that judging by a video published by Ukrainian soldiers, it is not excluded that kyiv is preparing to use deadly chemical weapons against the Russian soldiers. It would be phosgene, a gas widely used during the First World War, warns the Russian embassy in the United Kingdom.

Chemical weapons (illustrative image) - Sputnik Afrique, 1920, 14.01.2023

The Russian Embassy in London has commented on a video that appeared on social media which shows Ukrainian soldiers equip drones with containers likely to contain toxic agents.

“A video released by Ukrainian military apparently shows them preparing to use chemical weapons, probably phosgene, banned by the CWC [convention sur l’interdiction des armes chimiques, ndlr] against the Russian military. The letters ‘OB’ stand for ‘toxic ammunition’. This also explains why these gas containers should be kept refrigerated,” reads a tweet from the embassy.

On the video, a Ukrainian soldier thanks a certain Shaman for having provided this ammunition. It shows dozens of drones, several of which are already armed with containers. At the end of the sequence, the man promises that “all this will fall on your crippled head”.

lethal weapon

As a reminder, phosgene was massively used during the First World War and proved to be more deadly than chlorine. According to the University of Kansas Medical Center, it causes fluid to build up in the lungs, which leads to death. Depending on the concentration, symptoms of intoxication can take from a few seconds up to 48 hours. This gas was responsible for more than 77,000 deaths during the war.

Some Russian Telegram channels speculated that the containers in the video might contain hydrocyanic acid, which is also extremely poisonous and deadly. In particular, it was part of the pesticide Zyklon B that the Nazis used in the gas chambers of the extermination camps.

Intoxicated Russian soldiers

In the past, the Russian Defense has already accused kyiv of using toxic weapons on the battlefield. Thus, on July 31, the ministry announced that Russian servicemen operating in the Vasilyevka area in the Zaporozhye region had been hospitalized with symptoms of chemical poisoning. Botulinum toxin type B was discovered in the organism of the soldiers in question.

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