Gun sales are skyrocketing in blue states that pass gun control laws. – The Informant

Gun sales are skyrocketing in blue states that pass gun control laws.

Posted on 14.1.2023

While most of the country saw modest Republican gains in the 2022 midterm elections, some blue states have become bluer and pursue a leftist agenda.

States such as Washington and Illinois are passing sweeping gun control laws, while some states have already passed them through ballot measures.

In many cases, conservatives have “voted with their feet” leaving Democratic strongholds for states like Texas and Florida, which have high rates of net migration from other states.

When it comes to gun control, people also seem to be expressing their displeasure with Democratic policies by buying guns before policies that will limit their ability to buy them take effect.

In some states like Oregon, gun sales have more than tripled, while in Washington and Illinois they have also increased significantly.

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The spike in arms sales has led the Firearms Industry Trade Association (NSSF) to call gun control advocates the best “arms sellers”.

The Daily Caller reports: In November, Oregonians narrowly passed Measure 114, a gun law that requires background checks, firearms training, fingerprinting and licensing purchase of a weapon. After the law was passed, background checks jumped from 29,472 in October to 86,075 in November, according to NSSF data obtained by DCNF.

“Oregon’s numbers easily demonstrate that Oregonians acted when they had the option to purchase the guns of their choice before the state moved to infringe on their constitutional rights,” Oliva told the DCNF.

In March 2022, Democratic Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed three gun laws that restrict their use, including where guns can be carried, how handle firearms without a serial number and the types of chargers that can be made and sold, according to The Spokesman-Review. After the laws were signed, background checks jumped from 39,247 in February to 59,419 in March, according to NSSF data.

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