Flash, Bild reports that Christine Lambrecht German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigns her problem, “She just doesn’t understand military matters”. – The Informant

Flash, Bild reports that Christine Lambrecht German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht quits over problem, ‘She just doesn’t understand military matters’.

Time that nothing happens in a country, the homeboys have a good time to take on the back of the state. But very often the buddies of the buddies put in place are never up to the task and it shows very quickly, it’s what we call experience or there rather the function that goes with the job. With these corrupt globalists, a technocrat is able to teach ten different jobs how to work, but when it comes to actually working, it slips away. Normal, they are traitors by nature, good for nothing and incompetent in everything, (all those nutty ministers should be held accountable) they are only there to line their pockets, the proof again here after two ministers in Germany. We have the same in France.

Posted on 14.1.2023

We’ll start this article with this, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht resigns, we could laugh knowing that the former was Von der Layen fired by Merkel in particular that she was suspected for a time, in 2015, of plagiarism of her doctorate. A very sensitive subject in Germany which has caused the downfall of several politicians. That she was a “weak” Minister of Defense who never succeeded in gaining the confidence of the Bundeswehr, and who dragged several pans, including the staggering cost of renovating a naval training ship.

Warning Article from December 2021, let’s go back a bit to the past; According to the BILD newspaperthe reasons for the resignation would be multiple, in particular the fact that she “just doesn’t understand military issues.”

German defense minister reportedly ready to resign ahead of key Ukraine tank decision

The very controversial German Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, is expected to resign on Monday, suffering the consequences of a series of blunders which have damaged her credibility and weighed more and more on Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who had announced a radical change of German defense policy.

The news comes amid growing international pressure to support Ukraine with German-made Leopard battle tanks. On Saturday, the UK agreed to send next-generation Challenger tanks to the Ukrainian battlefield.

Bild reports that Christine Lambrecht on the verge of resigning: the minister in trouble wants to resign ! It’s almost finished !

Christine Lambrecht (57, SPD) has decided to resign from her post as Defense Minister. This is what BILD has learned from several sources.

The initiative to leave her post would therefore come from herself – and not from the chancellery. It is now a question of determining the exact moment of the resignation. The question of his succession is also already being debated internally.

The “SZ” confirmed the BILD article on Friday evening, citing the minister’s entourage. According to the latter, Ms. Lambrecht would like to leave her post next week. This could be the case as early as Monday!

According to BILD, a decision must be made quickly regarding the succession. Currently, it is above all the defense delegate Eva Högl (54) who is cited as a possible successor. This SPD politician, born in Osnabrück, was a member of the Bundestag from 2009 to 2020, sometimes vice-president of the parliamentary group, and lives with her husband in Berlin. In 2020, she called the suspension of compulsory military service a “huge mistake”.

Um 18:26 verließ Lambrecht den Bendlerblock, den Berliner Dienstsitz des Verteidigungsministeriums
At 6:26 p.m., Lambrecht left the Bendlerblock, the Berlin headquarters of the Defense Ministry. Photo: Fabian Matzerath for BILD

The imminent resignation of Christine Lambrecht is preceded by a series of unprecedented breakdowns. The last time, she had aroused indignation on New Year’s Eve. Reason: an embarrassing speech before the New Year’s Eve fireworks. The video had also caused nods in government circles.

In the latest INSA poll for BILD, Lambrecht comes last out of 20 politicians. She is even more unpopular than AfD leaders Alice Weidel (43) and Tino Chrupalla (47).

Lambrecht’s record as minister: a disaster!

▶︎ During the 1st interview after taking office (December 2021), she stated in BILD am SONNTAG, as head of the Bundeswehr, that she did not know the ranks of the Bundeswehr. Five months later, she confessed in the “FAS” that she still did not know the ranks.

App readers can take part in the survey here: is Christine Lambrecht’s resignation the right decision?

Mit Stöckelschuhen im Kriegsgebiet: Lambrecht besucht ihre Soldaten
In stilettos in the war zone: Lambrecht visits his soldiers – nPhoto: Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance/dpa

▶︎ When in January 2022 some 200,000 Russian soldiers marched across Ukraine’s borders, Lambrecht proudly announced the delivery of 5,000 helmets to Ukraine. A shame !

Osterurlaub auf Sylt – mit dabei: Bundestagspräsidentin Bärbel Bas (54)
Easter holidays on the island of Sylt – with President of the Bundestag Bärbel Bas (54) – Photo: BILD Photo reader

▶︎ When Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) proclaimed the “epochal change” after the invasion of Russia, Lambrecht spoke of “disarmament policy”.

And: in the middle of the war, the Minister of Defense preferred to invest in self-defense against the critical press. For months, she wouldn’t admit to taking her son’s photo herself in the Bundeswehr helicopter – until a court forced her to. Recently, “Media Pioneer” revealed that Lambrecht had banned critical journalists (including BILD) from traveling.

After her resignation, the Minister of Defense is entitled to a pension of 5000 euros (from the age of 65).

Lambrechts Sohn Alexander ließ sich im Militärhubschrauber mitchauffieren
Lambrecht’s son Alexander was transported by military helicopter

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