The latest news from the Captain and did you know that France is the country with 82 local currencies? – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The latest news from the Captain and did you know that France is the country with 82 local currencies ?

alexander Juving Brunet, Saint Cyrien, former captain of the gendarmerie, is in Macron’s jails in Draguignan for having wanted to create the Free Franc. Even if you don’t share his ideas, you have to support him. So why is the Captain in prison when so many other currencies have been set up, in particular that of Nantes by the former Prime Minister of Holland, Jean-Marc Ayrault with the Moneko.

Published on 20.12.2022

The captain A. Juvin Brunet was transferred to Draguignan prison, the appeal was refused. He cannot receive any visitors. His fiancée received a letter in which he said he feared for his life. So we have a thought for alexander Juving Brunet, and we all hope he gets out of prison soon for standing up against all those Taken! And like all those fighters who dared to stand up against the globalists, the WEF and this government. Determine, he was able to Confront, Invent, Plan, Federate, Realize, Realize and Confront a new vision against this corrupt system. The proof is that he was right, because he really has them Disturbed, Disoriented, Distraught and put in the most total fear, to lose the financial hegemony on the people, since locked up until this day. No matter, we tell his jailers that he has already made history, and they can’t do anything about it. The past will prove the future, and its jailers will in turn go behind bars one day.

We only have part 2, because part 1 was of course deleted by “dark forces”he really disturbs, but many people are with him because his cause is extremely noble contrary to what we want you to believe.

Do you know that there are more than 80 currencies in France today?

“A local currency, or complementary local currency, or complementary local currency and citizen, is, in economics, a currency not supported by a national government and intended to be exchanged only in a predetermined geographical area, generally at the scale of a city or region” – Wikipedia

Moneko is the complementary local currency for citizens of Loire-Atlantique. It was created a little over a year ago by the MCL44 association (Complementary currency of Loire-Atlantique) and results from the merger of Retz’l and Sonantes, currencies launched respectively in 2013 in Bouguenais and in 2015 in Nantes.

The Breith-info reported to us the failure ofelsewhere of this currency here: extract “The current mayor of Nantes has only played a secondary role in the creation of this “local complementary currency”. Voted on February 6, 2015 by the Nantes Métropole councilthe project had been concocted for years by Pascal Bolo, finance assistant, with the help of an Italian academic. At the request of Jean-Marc Ayrault », the development had been financed by a public institution, the Caisse de Crédit Municipal de Nantes, and by European funds. »

The Banque de France (of the Rothschilds) had told him nothing? Yet additionally financed with public and not private funds and he did not go to prison either? But then for the other currencies currently in force how did they do it? Release the Captain, because you are the one who is illegal at the moment!! A retroactive lawsuit will then have to be made against the Mayor of Nantes for this currency then?? No, of course not, because when a real personality disturbs in this country, you have all the screed of excuses to lock him up, we know in 40 Vichy did the same. In 1945, it was a general who liberated France, are you afraid that in 2023 it will be a Captain who will repeat the action?

The map of France of local currencies in circulationclick on a zone to identify the current currency.

ID has created a scalable map to identify and locate all the local currencies in circulation in France. Since the financial crisis of 2008, these have flourished all over France.

Basque Eusko, Epi Lorraine, Abeille Lot-et-Garonnaise… All are local currencies say complementary. Although it is difficult to determine an exact number, it is estimated that there are approximately 80 on French territory. Through a social, environmental, local or even regional objective, their interest is to convey the values ​​that conventional currencies no longer embody today, and this movement is arousing growing enthusiasm according to a report by the Sol Movement, which oversees local currencies on a national scale, published in early 2021. IDoffers you a non-exhaustive list of local currencies in circulation by regionas well as a scalable map.

La Dépêche reported in 2021 : France, the country with 82 local currencies.

ETX Studio) – When we talk about “future money”, we usually think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, another way of spending money is gradually spreading in French territories: complementary local currencies (MLC). In 2021, there are 82. This is our figure for the day.

Today, there are 82 local currencies deployed, according to the report on local currencies carried out by the SOL Movement (a monetary experimentation laboratory) and published in April 2021.

The first was born on the side of Lot-et-Garonne, in 2010, and bears the name “Abeille”. Since then, Eusko, in the Basque Country, landed in 2013, I Soldi Corsi on the island of beauty in 2017 or, in 2020, Moneko in Nantes.

These currencies serve as a complement to the euro and are restricted to a geographical area (municipality, community of agglomeration, region). The organizations that manage these currencies are associations.

France is the first country in Europe to provide a legal framework for these local currencies. Since July 2014 and the law relating to the social and solidarity economy (ESS), these complementary local currencies are registered in the Monetary and Financial Code and are therefore affiliated with the ESS.

“a new space of citizenship”

Nothing could be easier to use the currency of your territory. It is necessary to join the association managing the local currency to exchange its euros in Fishing (local currency of Montreuil, in Seine-Saint-Denis) or in Sol-violet (currency of the Toulouse basin), for example. Then, holders are free to spend in the networks of professionals who have joined (traders, supermarkets, companies, etc.).

These currencies are therefore a means of favoring production and consumption at the local level, and also represent a critique of the capitalist market. The SOL movement notes in its report that “local currencies constitute a new space of citizenship”, that they develop “new forms of solidarity”, and underlines their ecological impacts.

Elsewhere in the world

MLCs are present on all continents. Switzerland and the WIR currency have a network of 65,000 SMEs since the creation of the network in 1934. The Chiemgauer, in the region of Bavaria in Germany, has also been used as a currency in commercial exchanges between companies since 2003. In 1995, Japan set up the Fureai Kippu to promote assistance to the elderly through a credit system.

In the Americas, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and Brazil also have at least one local currency.

Among the African countries, Senegal, Kenya or South Africa offer currencies in their territories. The list is still long.

However, Jérôme Blanc, an economist specializing in local currencies, indicates in Le Monde that “most local currencies have disappeared or run out of steam” in the countries undergoing experimentation.

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