The headquarters of the European Union in Bangui is in ashes, following a fire of unknown origin around 1am. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The headquarters of the European Union in Bangui is in ashes, following a fire of unknown origin around 1am.

Official cause of the fire: a short circuit

Published on 20.12.2022

Radio Ndeke Luka reports that a huge fire broke out last night at the European Union headquarters in Bangui, Central African Republic. The origin is not yet known.

Central African Republic: The headquarters of theEuropean Union on fire on the night of December 18 to 19, 2022, the headquarters ofEuropean Union that can be found to banguicapital of the Central African Republic has suffered a fire. A circumstance that burns the whole place.

Investigations are open. The damage will be enormous with heavy consequences.

The headquarters of the European Union delegation in Bangui was violently ravaged by fire. The tragedy occurred overnight from Sunday to Monday.

Even if there were no losses in human lives, the material damage is enormous. According to the neighborhood of the delegation, the fire broke out around one o’clock in the morning of Monday, December 19. The alert was given by the building’s security guards. Despite multiple attempts to stop the progression of the fire, the security agents were unable and called on the fire services of Minusca, Asecna and Central African firefighters.

It was after a few hours of fierce firefighting that the fire was brought under control, but too late.

“It’s amazing what I saw! The flames were impressive. Almost all the buildings were destroyed. We were very scared”says Pierre, a security guard.

Disastrous record

According to the first estimates made by Radio Ndeke Luka, after observation at the scene of the tragedy, the results are disastrous. A view from above from the administrative building, directly next to the delegation building, shows a devastating fire.

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Until Monday, shortly before noon, black smoke still escaped from the rubble. Obviously, all the compartments have been affected and the losses could be estimated at hundreds of millions of FCFA.

“The losses are enormous. Several materials went up in smoke, among others, computers, printers, office furniture, a stock depot of cleaning products…”, noted Radio journalist Ndeke Luka.

Reorganization of services

This tragedy, which occurred against all expectations, forced the European Union delegation in Bangui to reorganize its services. According to some unconfirmed information from official sources, all expatriate employees will work remotely and locals, temporarily on technical unemployment.

In a tweet on December 19, the representative of the European Union delegation in Bangui, Douglas Darius Carpenter, said: “The buildings of the EU delegation in Bangui were ravaged by fire last night. No one was hurt. We thank all our partners for their patience during the period of reorganization of our services…”

Solidarity from the Bangui authorities

Faced with this tragedy which affected most of the apparatus of the European Union in Bangui, the Central African authorities showed solidarity with their European partners.

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Early in the morning, the Prime Minister, Félix Moloua, went to the scene of the tragedy to see the damage. The head of government accessed the site and immersed himself in the extent of the losses. A few hours after the passage of Félix Moloua, the President of the National Assembly, Simplice Mathieu Sarandji, went to the scene. Even if the trip of the high authorities of the State testifies to the solidarity with their great partner, no official statement has yet been made.

Unknown origin

While messages of support are pouring in from everywhere, the origin of the fire remains unknown. According to well-informed sources, the investigators would be on the track of an accident due perhaps to an electrical short circuit. But for the moment, it is premature to say exactly what is at the origin of the drama. Only surveys will tell more.

This fire at the headquarters of the European Union delegation completes the list of numerous fires recorded since the beginning of the year in the Central African capital.

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