Punishments ! What penalties? the first Russian luxury car showroom Aurus was opened in St. Petersburg. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Punishments ! What penalties? the first Russian luxury car showroom Aurus was opened in St. Petersburg.

Published on 19.12.2022

Yesterday in Belarus, Vladimir PUTIN met Alexandre LOUKASHENKO in Minsk, his movement is done aboard the new Aurus Komendant that you can see in our article here.

AURUS in St. Petersburg!

The first Russian luxury car showroom Aurus was opened in St. Petersburg.

The area of ​​the showroom is 200 m². It includes the Aurus Senat sedan and the Aurus Komendant SUV. The dealership’s services include the sale of new and used Aurus cars, service, pre-orders and the selection of custom options.

On December 12, the first AURUS showroom in the northern capital was inaugurated. The new AURUS AVTODOM Dealer Center offers its visitors an exceptionally comfortable space to study, buy and maintain vehicles, including the armored versions of AURUS. The configurator area in the showroom offers a wide range of options for customizing vehicles, from body color and interior fittings to specific personalization options.

The showroom, with ample parking, service and lounge areas, is located in the AVTODOM hub at 14 Pulkovskoye Shosse.

A new chapter in the AURUS story began on September 29!

“The AURUS Komendant will be an important step in the development of the project. This unique vehicle embodies the true nature of strength, combining comfort and impressive endurance, style and reliability, embodying the boldness and power at the heart of the AURUS philosophy” – the commercial service.

On the day of the start of serial production of theAURUS Komendanton 26.11.2022, the AURUS plant in Tatarstan received the visit of Dmitry Manturov, Vice-President of the Russian Government – ​​Minister of Industry and Trade, and Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The guests ensured that the AURUS industrial project was moving forward with confidence, they also saw what innovations had been implemented and what existing unique technologies had been developed. Visitors were particularly interested in the localization exhibition where the main components supplied by Russian manufacturers were presented – there are already more than 100 of them in the AURUS industrial project.

After visiting the production facilities, DV Manturov sat behind the wheel of the new AURUS SUV. Together with RN Minnikhanov, they carried out a real winter test, because the first snow had just fallen in Elabuga that day.

“The car is very, very fiery. It gives the impression of being even faster than a sedan, because it is higher. Comfortable air suspension,” the new AURUS SUV described to the Deputy Prime Minister.

This model from Russian luxury carmaker Aurus was designed and rolled off the assembly line in less than a year and a half after its predecessor, the Senat sedan. It consists of 70% Russian-made parts. Video credit: aurusmotors.com

WHAT PENALTIES? As premium Western vehicle brands withdraw from the Russian market, Aurus (vehicle manufacturer) begins mass production of a Russian luxury SUV – the Aurus Komendant. With 70% of components sourced locally in Russia, the first commercial sales will begin in 2023.

The Aurus factory also manufactures the Presidential Aurus Senat at a cost of 36 million rubles (i.e. 490,672.68€ at the current ruble rate), it works with two electric motors and one hydrogen engine.

The AURUS factory in Tatarstan celebrated its first anniversary!

On May 31, 2021, the opening ceremony of the AURUS plant in the Republic of Tatarstan took place. This event was a milestone for the entire Russian automotive industry and marked the start of mass production of the first Russian car in the luxury segment.

Today, as part of the event devoted to the anniversary of the launch of AURUS production, the company’s plant was visited by the head of Yelabuga municipal district, Mr. Nuriyev, and the director General of SEZ Alabuga, Mr. Shagivaleev. As part of this celebration, the company’s best employees were rewarded.

One of the important characteristics of the AURUS factory is its openness. It is possible to get acquainted with the production cycle not only in person but also through a virtual tour. We invite you to browse the assembly of the Senat model by clicking here:

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