Intolerant of the blocking of Zelensky’s “message of peace” by FIFA, kyiv triggers an outcry. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Intolerant of the blocking of Zelensky’s “message of peace” by FIFA, kyiv triggers an outcry.

Published on 20.12.2022

Sputnik reports : For kyiv, the result of the World Cup final means nothing, since “FIFA has already lost”. Resentment evident after international organization refuses to serve as platform for Zelensky’s ‘message of peace’ which he wanted to pass before the France-Argentina match on December 18.

According to CNN information, the Ukrainian President’s office also said that it would distribute the video independently if FIFA refused to do so, which would show that “FIFA has lost its precious understanding of football – as a game that unites people, rather than supporting existing divisions. »

The Daily mail reports that Zelensky had asked FIFA to release this video ahead of the World Cup final in Qatar.

FIFA rejected his request. Here is his video.

However, kyiv’s position was not supported in social networks. In commenting on the post “Fifa has already lost”, several demanded Ukraine “to stop involving politics in sport”.

Just because they didn’t allow Zelensky to talk politics at a football event? »

Some have not failed to ironize on this:

“Ukraine should have won the World Cup. Just like Ukraine won Eurovision. Forget the merit, give everything to Ukraine!!! […] If you put bread on the table for your children before feeding the Ukrainians, you are also a Putinist. »

“Fifa spared Zelensky the embarrassment of hearing an entire stadium boo and mock his message. »

“Do you know where the money that the US, UK and other European countries send to you is disappearing? Panama? Bahamian? Or elsewhere? »

The decision of FIFA, the organizing body of the World Cup, to abstain from any comment following the request of the CNN, was welcomed by many people:

“I was very impressed that FIFA had the strength to deny a platform to Zelensky in order to further sully people’s minds and promote his proxy war between the United States and Russia. We are sick of him and his constant begging,” one user judged.

” I need it “

Customary of interfering in world events, as was the case during the Cannes Film Festival or the Grammy Awards, the Ukrainian President finally tried his luck with certain media.

For example, The Times and The Sunday Times broadcast this famous message via YouTube, also triggering dissatisfaction in the comments.

“All the text can be shortened to a short ‘I need it'”, some felt that “for once FIFA showed a bit of a guts and pushed this guy away”.

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