Free Africa on the move, Mali produces and sells its own gold, despite the departure of FireFinch, Morila SA – L’Informateur. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Free Africa on the move, Mali produces and sells its own gold, despite the departure of FireFinch, Morila SA

Published on 20.12.2022

For the first time in its history as a republic, Mali is producing and selling its gold itself to reap the dividends, under the leadership of the Transitional Government led by President Assimi Goïta.

The freedom and sovereignty of Africa is possible, Mali gives us the example. Today, someone lost their title as the world’s 4th gold reserve, to the real owner of this gold reserve.

Free Africa on the move.

Mali news reports that despite the departure of FireFinch: Morila SA continues to produce gold

Despite the withdrawal of the main shareholder of the gold mine from Morila SA FireFinch, the factory continues its production of gold for the happiness of the Malians. From December 13 to 15, 2022, a team of journalists made up of the written, spoken and audio-visual press carried out a field visit to the site to see how the production chain works, in particular the quarry passing through the factory. and facilities.

On this occasion, the management of the mine hosted a press conference coupled with the delivery of training certificates to teachers, products for albinos and donation of food to the elderly in the towns near the gold mine.

According to Drissa Arama, general manager of the Morila mine, the main purpose of this press conference is to inform national and international opinion that despite the cessation of funding by the main company FireFinch, the Morila mine continues to exist and continues to produce for Mali. For him, Morila is going through a difficult period and the workers are worried. “So we are asking the state to come to our aid because the main reason that keeps us here is Mali. When the mine shuts down today, more than 2,000 employees who work for the mine will be out of work,” he explained.

Before adding that the Morila mine makes many other contributions in Mali, to the local communities who will all feel the consequences. “We are asking Malians not to despair and we are going to prove that Malians are capable of maintaining a mine, of doing something so that this mine continues to exist and of contributing to the Malian economy, as well as to the development of the local community. We are going to develop different actions with new investors so that the mine can continue to operate in profitability”, indicated the general manager, Drissa Arama.

To save the Morila SA mine, the speaker sought state support on issues including tax relief, offsetting VAT credits and fuel exemptions to relieve expenses so the mine can continue to exist and be able to circumvent the surge of products such as reagents. “Given the current situation in the world, we want the state to help us meet the challenge. We had the visit of the different departments in Morila to identify the difficulties and I think they are ready to help us so that Morila can continue to exist. We request the provision of an agreement with exemptions on diesel, because the Morila mine consumes approximately 90 thousand liters per day, the tax adjustment procedure initiated by the State in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 against Morila be dropped, the one or two year exemptions on the reactive products that we use here such as cyanide, caustic soda and balls which are the basic elements of our operation, but which are very expensive, the exemptions on VAT credits and the compensation of 19 billion VAT credits from Morila to the State”, wished the first manager of the Morila SA mine, Drissa Arama. At the factory level, Abdrahamane Coulibaly, a technician at the factory, indicated that the factory can produce 48 to 52 kg of gold per week. According to this, the objective assigned by the workers is to produce 248 kg of gold for the current month.

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