World Cup, superstitions work, “the black cat” went to watch the match, the result was predicted, and the only real star in Qatar was E. Musk. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

World Cup, superstitions work, “the black cat” went to watch the match, the result was predicted, and the only real star in Qatar was E. Musk.

Everything has been under your eyes for a long time, you just have to line up the puzzle and Tribute to the dead Blues for France. The Blues gave this final an epic dimension. Messi deserved his royal exit, he who had never won anything with his national team. King Messi passes his scepter to Prince Mbappé, hosted by Qatar great show.

Published on 19.12.2022

We don’t know about you, but we felt like a fake World Cup, with a fake France, a fake President, real inflation, real taxes, real power cuts that are coming. Never has the society of the spectacle reached such intensity, to divert us from reality and to keep us in resignation. Briefing: in Qatar, Macron witnesses the defeat of an untraceable FranceStrategist’s Mail.

The background of the story is sordid, and the Qataris are ready for anything, starting from the beginning:

  • The attribution of the organizing country by the will of Sarkozy at the timeyet refused by many other clubs and governments.
  • You then have the commission on the bottom of the bag filled for the allocation and the favor of this cut in the European parliament by certain deputies now revealed.
  • Then you have the Benzema affair, ousted in beauty by a false declaration on his state of health, also revealed later by his club in Madrid.
  • Then the Messiah affair at PSG which itself brought together the three stars of the 2022 World Cup, namely Messiah, Mbappé and Neymar, all three paid by the club belonging to Qatar itself, therefore their boss.

The country has bought a virginity since Sarkozy who himself will also have to be investigated on this fraudulent attribution. In summary, last night, Qatar, it’s all paid for, for ” Have (the PSG, the Three players, and the cup), Be (the organizing country, bag of banknotes in parliament and certainly Sarkozy) and Become (Distribute the cup to its player)”, to become the best organizing country, while not forgetting its players, then to make it a monumental added value at the exit on all this corrupt system put in place.

We understand a lot of things that we thought were really fishy. Games and bread. In the end, Argentina won? Did Macron know?

  • If so, he betrayed the whole team and France, but for the latter, it’s already been done a long time ago.
  • If not, then he didn’t deserve this victory, because at least the French won’t be anesthetized by the victory and maybe the rest of the sleepers will finally wake up and all of France will rise, like the players who started to understand last night what happened to them.

” The black Cat ” :

World Cup, the Argentinian president did not want to go to Qatar to attend the match out of superstition, because he did not want to be the “black cat” for his team and cause it to lose.

The reason officially given concerns superstition. ” The cabals are the cabals “, assures Alberto Fernández on social networks. In other words, pure not to wear the evil eye before a big event, it is necessary to reproduce the same gesture that one could make before arriving at there from there. Alberto Fernández watched theAlbiceleste from a television, so he will do the same during the grand finale. In this South American country, the cabalas are always taken seriously.

A match he will enjoy at home

Tweet translation:

Like millions of compatriots, I will enjoy the World Cup final at home. I will live this fantastic moment as I have done until now, with mine. The best of our people will be on the field, and in the stands of glorious supporters “, can we read on the tweet posted by the president of Argentina.

On the other hand, for France, “Le chat noir” is out of place in Qatar.

Macron who forces MBappé to give him a hug, while MBappé is still trying to understand, but has already partly understood what happened to them, it was all written in advance, he just tried to alter history with his three goals for another victory that was within reach, proof with the wrath of messiah on the pitch facing him below after his goal .

Explanation: everything was written, for a beautiful final and a beautiful show at the end of the reign, only the three star players of PSG (therefore from Qatar) were needed on the field, because Benzema would certainly have changed the situation for them, if he scored goals.

Messiah threatens Mbappé with his fist after his goal.

Here is the moment when everything changed, Mbappé and the France team, it woke up when Giroux and Greizman left, Mbappé wanted to change history with or without Macron’s consent, we never will be.

The moment that leaves doubts that Macron is aware, FIFA on the other hand yes, (well an actor is an actor) she FIFA knows it very well, look at the reactions. Then listen to this video or several people predicted Argentina’s victory below more than a week before the match.

Argentina: “We will not wear the rainbow bracelet, because we must respect the country that invites us. »

French scandal: Macron’s two round trips to Qatar cost the French 501,000 euros, or 31 years of minimum wage.

The presidential A330 and the Falcon that accompanies it cost 500,000 euros and generated 480 tons of CO2 equivalent, or 53 years of carbon footprint for a Frenchman.

Emmanuel Macron’s two round trips ( in Qatar ( for the Football World Cup, to attend the semi-final against Morocco ( and in the final against Argentina (, cost the taxpayer about 501,000 euros, or 31 years of minimum wage. This figure comes from Point calculations, based on the costs per flight hour provided by the Court of Auditors ( and the Élysée, as well as movement data for the two actual aircraft involved, the A330 and the Falcon 7X.


“Macron, the France team has lost, you won’t have the peace of mind you were so hoping for. Winter could be very hot for you”.

Elon Musk and D. Trump’s son-in-law in Qatar: Jared Kushner spotted with Elon Musk in Qatar during the World Cup.

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