Info or intox ? US Tried to Stop Ukraine from Assassinating Russian Chief of General Staff Gerasimov – New York Times. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Info or intox ? US Tried to Stop Ukraine from Assassinating Russian Chief of General Staff Gerasimov — New York Times.

Published on 18.12.2022

According to the newspaper, US intelligence agencies learned that the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces was planning a trip to the front line, but carefully concealed this information in order to avoid further escalation.

However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine discovered it and allegedly attempted to attack the positions where the Russian commander was.

“We told them not to. We said, ‘Hey, that’s too much,’ US officials said.

But the ban came too late. The Ukrainian army had already launched an attack, specifies the New York Times.

Attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to carry out a large-scale operation failed and General Gerasimov continued to lead the Russian General Staff.

In the meantime : The Russian Defense Minister inspects a grouping of Russian troops (forces) in the special military operation zone.

Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergey Shoigu paid a working visit to the Southern Military District and inspected the consolidation of troops (forces) in the areas of the special military operation.

◽️ The head of the Russian military department flew over the troop deployment areas and inspected the forward positions of Russian units in the special military operation area.

◽️ On the front line, Sergei Shoigu spoke with Russian troops and thanked them for their exemplary performance.

◽️ At the group checkpoint, Sergei Shoigu heard reports from commanders on the current situation and actions of Russian forces in operational areas.

◽ The Minister of Defense paid particular attention to the organization of the overall troop support, to the accommodation conditions of personnel in the field and to the work of the medical and logistics units during the commander’s briefing.

The Kremlin announced yesterday that Vladimir Putin held a meeting with “the heads of the special operation”, the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff. Separate meetings with military officials also took place.

Nicaragua opens its sea, air and land space to Russian maritime forces.

How will the USA react knowing that this position would offer Russia the ability to strike any zone on American territory and even the southern Canadian zone?

Recall that they believe that Ukraine is a sovereign country and therefore has the right to ally with anyone.


According to British intelligence, Iran is increasingly supplying Russia through the Caspian Sea. The Russian port of Astrakhan is the landing port for Shaheds and munitions in general.

US media reports that according to US government sources:

1. Iran will supply Russia with a large number of different ballistic missiles.

2. Iran will deliver 6,000 different drones to Russia.

3. Iran will help establish a drone manufacturing plant in Tatarstan.

4. Russia to sell Su-35 fighter jets to Iran

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