The German Criminal Police have dealt a blow to three international Darknet platforms that distribute child pornography, child pornography platforms on the darknet are now deactivated. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The German Criminal Police have dealt a blow to three international Darknet platforms that distribute child pornography, child pornography platforms on the darknet are now deactivated.

Published on 17.12.2022

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH reports : A world of pedos!!! The German Criminal Police have struck three international Darknet platforms that distribute child pornography. As authorities announced on Friday, more than one million users worldwide were registered on the platforms named “BoyVids 6.0”, “Forbidden Love” and Child Porn Market.

According to investigators, this makes it one of the biggest providers of child sexual abuse images on the dark web. The photographs and videos were offered, both for exchange and for sale. Children are being abducted, and abused all over the world!! These people are DANGEROUS SICKNESS!!!!!

Over a million users: Child pornography platforms on the darknet are disabled.

The Federal Criminal Police Office and the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) managed to strike a blow at three international darknet platforms that disseminated child pornography content. As authorities reported on Friday, the platforms named “BoyVids 6.0”, “Forbidden Love” and “Child Porn Market” had a total of more than one million registered users worldwide. According to investigators, they were thus among the largest current providers of child sexual abuse images on the darknet. Photographs and videos were offered for both exchange and purchase.

As reported by ZIT, which is part of the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt and investigates throughout Germany Internet crimes whose territorial jurisdiction is unclear, three defendants have been arrested in Germany. Among them, the alleged main administrator of the three sites, a 21-year-old man from Saxony. In addition, a 44-year-old man from Lower Saxony and a 45-year-old man from Schleswig-Holstein were arrested. They are strongly suspected of distributing child pornography in an organized gang.

Third major success for Hessian investigators

The decommissioning is the third major investigation success of the ZIT and the BKA. In 2017, they had disabled the “Elysium” platform with 111,000 registered users and in 2021 “Boystown” with 400,000 registered users. In these cases, too, those responsible were arrested. At the beginning of December, the Frankfurt District Court sentenced four German men who had managed, moderated or particularly actively used “Boystown” to prison terms ranging from twelve to seven years, partly also for child sexual abuse. . The court ordered preventive detention for two of the defendants.

According to investigators, the alleged main administrator of the now deactivated platforms was also active on “Boystown” as a user. When he realized the site had been taken down, he set about creating a new one, a spokesperson told ZIT. This is how “BoyVids 6.0” was born, which had existed since 2021 as an exchange site and had 410,000 registered users. While only files of boys were broadcast there, “Forbidden Love” functioned as a platform for exchanging images of sexual violence against girls.

It had been around since February 2022 and had 846,000 registered users when it shut down, investigators said. On the “Child Porn Market” site, which had been online since around October 2022, 120 video files of sexual violence against male and female children were therefore offered last. According to ZIT, the high number of registered users should be seen in the context “that all three platforms were internationally oriented and access was from all over the world”.

International cooperation against child pornography

On November 29, after about a year of investigation by the BKA in Wiesbaden and the ZIT in Frankfurt, the main accused was arrested. Although he acted anonymously on the Tor network, he was identified. The other defendants, from Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, were arrested on November 6 and December 13. An administrator of “Forbidden Love” was also arrested in Brazil. His nationality is not known, the ZIT spokesman said, but he is not German. That is why he will not be extradited to Germany either. It is assumed that the Brazilian criminal prosecution advances the process. ZIT is still investigating a second alleged administrator and founder of the site.

ZIT child pornography experts and a specialist unit of the Federal Office of Police worked with the FBI, Australian authorities and Brazilian police. The accused were discovered in the first place because the activities continued to be observed after the deactivation of “Boystown”. Added to this are the indications of foreign authorities with whom we regularly exchange in the event of suspicion, even for other types of crime.

As for the question of what will happen to the images and videos of the three platforms, the ZIT spokesperson said that the data had not yet been erased, because the evidence had to be preserved in order to be able to engage. prosecution and conduct the ensuing legal proceedings. In such cases, users of sites who realize that the platform is disabled take countermeasures: The administrator allows other maintainers to upload a copy of the platform, but only the interface is visible. The contents are not accessible.

“Fight against windmills”.

The defendants have not yet responded to the charges. In the meantime, the ZIT had to transfer the proceedings to the local public prosecutor’s offices. On the one hand, because the main defendant was a teenager at the time of the facts and it is therefore the public prosecutor’s office of the place of origin which is competent. On the other hand, unlike the “Boystown” case, where an accused German was extradited from Paraguay to Germany and arrested at Frankfurt airport, there were no arrests in Hesse. .

It will probably not be long before the indictments are handed down, the trials will take place separately in Saxony, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, and not in the framework of a common main hearing. Investigators are already expecting this case to lead to the creation of new platforms. The ZIT spokesman said it was a “fight against windmills”, but there was no question of giving it up.

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