Flash, Twitter reinstates several ‘suspended’ conservative accounts… Mike Lindell’s first tweet is HILARIOUS! – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Flash, Twitter reinstates several ‘suspended’ conservative accounts… Mike Lindell’s first tweet is HILARIOUS!

Published on 17.12.2022

Mike Lindell is one of America’s most beloved patriots. Twitter’s censorship team, which doesn’t like conservatives posting a message contrary to theirs, has suspended its account for speaking out about how voter fraud stole the election in 2020. They especially didn’t like the way Mike linked voter fraud to Dominion voting machines. So on his first day back on Twitter, Mike Lindell did exactly what anyone who follows Mike Lindell expects him to do: he tweeted about voting machines.

After announcing that he was “back! and thanked new Twitter CEO Elon Musk for allowing him to have a voice again, albeit not in line with that of Twitter’s now fired censorship team, he tweeted:


Tweet translation:

I’m back ! Thanks @elonmusk and by the way, melt down electronic voting machines and turn them into prison bars!

Tendency : USA: Flash fan sues Tom Brady after losing all his life savings in FTX cryptocurrency scam [VIDÉO].

And the extraordinary conservative news site The Gateway Pundit, owned by my dear friend Jim Hoft, which last year had over a billion views, has also been restored today.

Tweet translation:

The Gateway Pundit is back! Thank you @elonmusk

Mike Lindell is one of the most hated figures on the left. They went out of their way to destroy him and his My Pillow business because of his friendship with President Trump.

Last week, Mike Lindell received some great news.

Benny Thompson, chairman of the January 6 (Witch Hunt) committee has officially withdrawn the subpoena request on behalf of the committee for Mike Lindell’s phone records after he filed a lawsuit against the unpopular chairwoman of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Mike Lindell, explained that he sued the ” screening committee almost immediately after receiving their subpoena. “Sorry, but you won’t get my records,” Mike said, adding, “It’s unconstitutional, and I wasn’t even there! Mike was referring to the Capitol building, which he was nowhere near when he was breached. Fortunately, Mr Lindell, who is despised by the mainstream media, was being interviewed by the media when the incident happened. It was freezing cold at the Elipse; Mike returned to his hotel room after listening to his good friend President Donald Trump’s speech. But that hasn’t stopped the “unelected committee,” as Mike calls it, from using his presence in Washington as an excuse to go after his phone records.

The Jan. 6 Anti-Trump Committee cast a wide net, hoping to catch some of President Trump’s most influential activists and supporters in some sort of illegal activity. So far they have failed to prove that a grand plan is being hatched to take control of what many still believe to be an illegitimate government elected through massive electoral fraud. The goal of the January 6 committee, of course, is to incapacitate Trump and destroy any chance that he can mount an effective campaign for the presidency in 2024. But the pack of leftist hyenas made the wrong decision by choosing to target fearless My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

“Courage is contagious,” Mike told Us, explaining that after he sued Nancy Pelosi, several other people followed suit. He also said he would love to be asked to sit down with their “deselection committee and show the evidence of voter fraud” from the 2020 election.

According to Mike, the January 6 unselect committee tried to go after him for a January 5 meeting at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. Mike was out of the country at the time of the meeting.

Mike lost millions fighting for justice over our elections, according to his account.

He’s not going to let the dishonest left take him down without a fight.

He continues to fight.

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