CNN’s Don Lemon gets angry for telling his co-hosts that men’s sports should make more money than women’s sports [VIDÉO]. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

CNN’s Don Lemon gets angry for telling his co-hosts that men’s sports should make more money than women’s sports [VIDÉO].

Published on 16.12.2022

CNN host Don Lemon is drawing the ire of feminists right now after he argued on air with his co-hosts about why male athletes should make more money than female athletes.

When discussing the pay gap between male and female professional football players, Don Lemon claimed that if men make more money, it makes sense that they should be paid more. He acknowledged that his comments would not be popular with some viewers, prefacing his statements with “I know everyone is going to hate me.”

“The men’s team makes more money because people are more interested in them,” Lemon said.

The comment frustrated her co-presenters, Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow, who blamed the lack of investment on women’s inability to earn as much money as their male counterparts.

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“But guess who bears some of the blame,” Harlow interjected. “Until the big media companies, the big tech companies, the advertisers invest in it and put it on their airwaves more and allow people to see it more and gain more fans, then you’re pushing for more equality. . »

“But if they’re stuck in so many ways and they’re not invested in so much…they don’t even have a chance,” Harlow continued.

Lemon came back to defend his position, in the preamble of his comments: “I am not sexist. I grew up being the only boy in an all-female family.”

He claimed he understood what his co-presenter was saying, but added, “Honestly, not everyone has the same skill set. Not everyone has the same interest in this sport. »

“I think women should be paid more,” insisted Lemon.

Collins jumped into the breach, saying “not everyone has the same skills because women have better skills. »

Lemon countered this argument by pointing out that “if the women played against the men, they wouldn’t win. This is an obvious statement based on biological and physical abilities which, in fact, differ considerably in men and women.

For some reason, the co-anchors are offended by this reality. However, this has nothing to do with socially constructed inequalities, but rather relies on the fact that men have superior athletic abilities due to their physical structure.

In a final point, Lemon says, “If the sport is making more money, that means there’s more money available-”

“Why is he making more money? Harlow asks.

Lemon responds with a brutally honest truth: “Because people are more interested in men. When I go to a sports bar, if there’s a women’s basketball game on – I’m just being honest – people say to me, ‘Can you pass it on to the men? I don’t want to watch that.”

Look :

Don Lemon destroys his co-hosts on unequal pay in sports:

After a commercial break, the debate resumed. Lemon again defended his point by saying, “If there’s more interest in a men’s sport, business people, people who make money from sport, will put it on TV, because we live in a capitalist society. And if people are interested in it, then there will be more attention and more money will be poured out. »

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