Awakened Prince Harry watches his wife Meghan Markle mock his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth in the ultimate act of cowardice [VIDÉO]. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Awakened Prince Harry watches his wife Meghan Markle mock his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth in the ultimate act of cowardice [VIDÉO].

An English tabloid is reporting this article and without quoting it, let’s put ourselves on the safe side and see things objectively from the fact that we all here know this satanic royal familyand this article is placed on the unawakened side, and is written in such a way as to show, for those who do not know, the famous “Harry’s Cowardice” portrayed by the corrupt media, but those who know, know what why Harry is not as these tabloids, let alone this family, want it to be. Diana is indeed his mother, but his father would be James Hewittyour turn to judge !! Charles, the big ears ain’t red until proven otherwise… Prince William’s father is the King Juan Carlos of Spain, which puts it directly in the obligatory royal blood. Which is not the case with Harry, commoner par excellencewhich explains this.

Published on 16.12.2022

A Tabloid reports thatAfter being paid $100 million by Netflix to complain about their terrible misfortunes as wealthy celebrities/royalty, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have drawn significant criticism from viewers of their new docuseries, Harry and Meghan. The narcissistic couple not only continue to disrespect the royal family, but he also infuriated many viewers after appearing to poke fun at the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth.

Of all the harrowing parts of the show, one scene, in particular, seems to have garnered the most negative attention and backlash from viewers.

In one of the episodes, the royal couple recounts Meghan’s first meeting with the Queen. Although most people consider the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth a great honor, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be laughing at meeting her.

Completely glossing over the magnitude of the moment, Meghan describes the scenario as being “a dinner party and a tournament in medieval times”. She then mocks the way she supposedly curtseyed to the Queen, tilting her upper body down exaggeratedly and disrespectfully while laughing.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty,” Meghan said with a laugh, appearing to mock the whole encounter.

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She also claimed that she didn’t know she had to curtsy to the Queen, let alone know how to do it. This claim is ridiculous, since most people understand the tradition of bowing to British royalty, and most people have at least seen someone do the bow before. Therefore, it shouldn’t have been such a shocking and alien concept for Meghan – even though she’s clearly not very smart.

Harry, without any emotion showing on his face, watched as his wife scoffed at the family tradition of bowing in respect to royalty, especially the oldest female monarch in history. . This scene revealed how disrespectful and self-centered Meghan is, and how much she holds Harry at arm’s length.

Translation of the tweet:

Harry said having to explain to Meghan Markle that she had to bow to her grandmother (the Queen!) was “weird”.

Exactly two months after the death of the queen, they slander the royal family and reap the rewards.

It’s a pathetic performance that we all see through!

This sign of disrespect sparked outrage among viewers, especially those in the UK. Many expressed contempt for Meghan’s display of “childishness” and “lack of class”.

A London viewer sent his scathing review to the DailyMail, saying ,

“How self-centered and authoritative – and, I might add, lacking in civility – must it be to mock the British tradition of paying homage to the monarch with a curtsey or bow? Americans can’t stand having their institutions or traditions made fun of or ridiculed – as Harry found out when he called their First Amendment wacky.

Who do Harry and Meghan think they are? Hopefully this docu-drama, which is even more of a work of fiction than recent episodes of The Crown, will mark the beginning of their descent into disgrace and then obscurity. »

Many others have expressed disbelief at the way Harry sits back and lets his wife poke fun at his late grandmother and the Queen. One reviewer said,

“Harry, how could you sit there and watch her show such disrespect to the Queen, miming a pantomime bow?” Your Queen, your ‘Commander in Chief’, your ‘Grandmother’? It made me sick. »

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