UFOs-Disclosure: PU, Kerry Cassidy and Gene Decode

PU, Kerry Cassidy and Gene Decode –
Ukraine, Reptos, NAZIS, AI and much more

RECORDED LIVE. 12.12.22. Due to zoom problem with 2 people not using video the group shot is static.

Important high level intel on Ukraine, Nazis, Paperclip, Aldebaran, ET intervention, AI, Covid plot and much more…

Devils Mountain in Ukraine: Reptilian Hive
Crimean Pyramids & Energetic Region of Khazaria
Nazi & Aldebaran Connection
Grey NT Presence Discovered In Mexico
Direct Engagements With NT Battalions
Alliance Flooding Tunnels & DUMBs
Scion Home Star & Creating Mercabic Fields
Bakhumt Ukraine Intel: Underground War
Hitler’s True Identity: Rothschild Illegitimate Child
Albert Pike Crafted The Alien Agenda: WW1-3
Augmented Alliance: Off-World Groups Unite
What COVID Really Is: An AI Delivery System
Expanding & Hollow Earth
Harnessing The Energy Of The Human Race
Falkland Islands & Black Goo
The Agenda Behind Gold Acquisition
Clones & Androids Emerging Among Us
Elon Musk’s Desire To Merge Humanity With AI
The Battle For Free Will Survival
Inside The AI Wars: The Nazi Takeover
The Twitter Files & Awakening Humanity
#RealGeneDecode #PatriotUnderground

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