Caravan of over 1,000 illegal immigrants crosses El Paso days before Title 42 expires [VIDÉO]. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Caravan of over 1,000 illegal immigrants crosses El Paso days before Title 42 expires [VIDÉO].

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Published on 13.12.2022

During the night from Sunday to Monday, a migrant caravan made up of more than 1,000 illegal immigrants crossed the Rio Grande to reach El Paso, Texas. It is probably the largest caravan in history to cross the border between the United States and Mexico.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources said that in El Paso they saw 2,397 migrant encounters in the past 24 hours. The migrants in this caravan are mainly from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Other migrants would come from Ecuador, Honduras, Haiti (or the child trafficking by the Clintons is now proven) and Guatemala.

Footage from the border shows the migrants huddled together as they walk through the water with their belongings toward the shore where they will wait in a long line to be processed by CBP officers.

In the video, migrants are seen burning rubbish along the river to keep warm while waiting to reach the border.

Tweet translation:

BREAKING: A huge migrant caravan of over 1,000 people illegally passed through El Paso, TX last night, making it the largest single group we have ever seen. According to the city of El Paso, Border Patrol now holds more than 5,000 and has released hundreds onto city streets. @FoxNews.

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Tweet translation:

In development: More than 1,000 migrants began crossing from Juarez to El Paso, one of the largest mass crossings ever. Video by @CorrieBoudreaux 1/.

The El Paso Border Patrol says it has about 5,100 migrants in custody, and it has begun releasing several hundred migrants onto city streets.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, CPB said, “The El Paso area of ​​Customs and Border Protection, on the Texas border with Mexico, has seen an increase in encounters. In order to treat individuals as safely and quickly as possible. A Border Patrol agent from Big Bend and CBP agents from the local office in El Paso assist in the processing. »

El Paso officials have expressed concern about the record number of migrants crossing the city illegally, especially as this major border crossing comes just days before Title 42 expires on December 21, the date when their ability to expel migrants ends.

El Paso Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino brought those concerns to the city council: “We’re talking about the lifting of Title 42 and what it means for the community. We must be aware of the fact that this is already the case. Look at the huge numbers that have gone up over the last two weeks, especially over the last three or four days. These numbers are unsustainable with Title 42 in place. »

“What it does is it really puts pressure on our border patrol,” D’Agostino continued. “They have to go through the processing process, now that they have the ability to use Title 42. So some of them will be fired and will be tagged with Title 42. And then the rest have to be processed. »

Ahead of the massive border crossing, Mexican police escorted about 20 migrant buses to the border town of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which sits just across from El Paso. Once they arrived, Mexican authorities handed the migrants over to non-governmental organizations. The migrants walked from the NGOs to the Rio Grande where they began their crossing.

Tweet translation:

Breaking: Before the crossing of this mass of migrants, the Mexican police escorted nearly 20 buses full of migrants to Ciudad Juarez, the MX city located opposite El Paso, and released them into several NGOs. The migrants then walked from the NGOs to the river, and crossed illegally to El Paso. @FoxNews.

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