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A former French general does not rule out Ukrainian strikes on Moscow’s Red Square.

Published on 13.12.2022

Sputnik reports: The military parade to be held in Moscow on May 9 for Victory Day could be the target of Ukrainian missiles, believes former French general Michel Yakovleff. According to the Russian authorities, such statements risk provoking a direct conflict between Russia and NATO.

the Victory Parade in Moscow - Sputnik Africa, 1920, 12.12.2022
© Sputnik. Eugeni Odinokov

Returning to the recent attacks by Ukrainian drones against Russian airfields, General Michel Yakovleff, former Vice-Chief of Staff of the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe (NATO), affirmed that kyiv thus wanted to show that his forces could strike Moscow on May 9.

“They could make other attacks and this time, much more symbolic. In range, what they showed in their shots is that they could have shot Moscow too. For example, they could very well say ‘the next big parade in Moscow is a military target’. And bah here, you make a big parade, and I, I type in the middle of the battalion which parades, ”launched the general on LCI.

An “empty-headed” general

According to Russian senator Alexei Pushkov, such belligerent statements risk seriously aggravating the situation and “causing a direct conflict between Russia and NATO”:

“In Paris, he speculates with his empty head on a strike on Moscow without realizing the possible consequences,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

M.Yakovleff’s comments also made Internet users react. Thus, a Twitter user under the pseudonym Vpauline006 said he was happy that the general “is no longer in command of NATO”.

User Octar Ruga finds such remarks “totally irresponsible”. “To think that NATO is composed of this type of senior officers is not very reassuring”, he underlined.

It is worth recalling that last March, during the Battle of Mariupol, the general called on the Alliance to attack Russian batteries in Ukraine with Tomahawks.

kyiv targets Russian airfields

On December 5, Ukrainian drones attacked two Russian military airfields located in Ryazan, 200 kilometers from Moscow, as well as in the Saratov region (Volga). On December 10, the Secretary of the Council for Defense and National Security of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, stressed that Kiev would be “capable of anything” if the Russian army continues to carry out strikes targeting Ukrainian energy sites.

Previously, Vladimir Putin said that Russia had started hitting energy infrastructure in Ukraine in response in the attack on the Crimean Bridgewhich was, according to Moscow, organized by the Ukrainian special services.

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