Youtube (Google) Is Shadow Banning UFO Researchers To Stop Public From Discovering The Truth About Aliens, UFO Sighting News.

 Today I decided to talk to @teamyoutube in order to ask them if my Youtube channel shadow banned or not. If you don’t know what that means, it means your youtube channel will automatically be on a list of people who now get 90% less view, 90% less subscribers. Not a big deal but I was around since 2007 before any of those huge YouTubers ever even made an account yet, but they have millions of subscribers and I have 68,000. All my subs are hard earned, although most YouTube now go to the dark web to buy real subs by the millions using bitcoin. 

Anyways, on Twitter I asked @teamyoutube if I was shadow banned and they answered some other stuff, but didn’t specifically answer the question. So I asked one more time and well, they just don’t want to answer me. That usually means yes, I got banned. Why? Probably because I report the top secret things that the US government wants hidden from public view. Out of sight, out of mind they think. Anyways, it seems both my website and my youtube channel got shadow banned by Google. They own both Youtube and my website engine. It seem Google is part of the coverup of the existence of aliens because they have defamed me by shadow banning me. Its also happened to other UFO researchers. Google is league with the US government to cover up the existence of aliens by hiding the info thats published on the net. 

Scott C. Waring – Taiwan 



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