The German army begins preparations for the transfer of the Patriot system to Poland. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The German army begins preparations for the transfer of the Patriot system to Poland.

Published on 11.12.2022

360 News report that the German armed forces will start preparing the transfer of their Patriot anti-aircraft missile system to Poland from Tuesday, confirmed security sources cited by the German news agency DPA.

Shortly after the agreement between the governments of Warsaw and Berlin, a reconnaissance team will travel to Poland to inspect suitable locations for the air defense system and then deploy three military units there.

Video below: Germany confirms deployment of Patriot defense systems in Poland. Full video here on (Wibbitz French)

The aim is to protect critical infrastructure on NATO’s eastern flank, a move coming to fruition after Berlin offered the systems to Warsaw following a missile strike into Polish territory in November that killed two people.

However, there was initial disagreement because Poland suggested that it would be better to hand over the weapon systems to Ukraine, even though they are part of NATO’s integrated air defense, including Kyiv. is not a member.

On Wednesday, Poland finally agreed to receive the Patriot air defense system offered by the German government. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said he accepted “with disappointment” Germany’s reluctance to place the system on Ukrainian territory.

Russian media are linking the green light given by the United States to Ukraine for long-range missile strikes on Russia to the failure of negotiations over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

The US responds to Russia’s refusal to hand over the plant.

The Times claims that the Pentagon has authorized kyiv authorities to use drones on Russian territory. According to the article, the US used to require the AFU to avoid drone strikes deep in Russia, but the ban has been lifted.

There are also rumors that the US has provided Ukraine with ER GMLRS rockets with a range of 150 km for its latest HIMARS launchers. (These weren’t expected to be available until 2023).

Race results, Ukraine launched a simultaneous attack in Melitopol, killing two people and on Crimea.

Russia’s deterrent factor concerns the country’s ability to protect itself with nuclear weapons, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on December 9, RIA Novosti reports. Response from V. Putin : “I assure you that after the early warning system receives a signal about a missile attack, hundreds of our missiles will be in the air on our side. It is impossible to stop them. But it is still a retaliatory strike,” Putin said.

This means that the warheads of enemy missiles will inevitably fall on the territory of Russia. However, the enemy will be wiped off the face of the earth, because intercepting a hundred missiles is impossible, Putin stressed.

“But if the enemy believes to the end that it is still possible to resort to the preemptive strike, and we do not, then it still makes us think about the threats that such ideas create for us in the field defense of other countries,” Putin concluded. – Vladimir Poutine

It was reported that Russia launched 2 waves of Shahed 136 last night.

“The 1st wave was shot down, but the 2nd flew in darkness and silence. Therefore, the air defense could not work on them at all. The 5 have achieved their goals, as we see with enormous consequences.

It is possible that the Russian Federation has modernized shaheds by installing electric motors in them.

It seems that air defense has a new problem,” complained Ukrainian channel TG ZeRada.

Poland received a batch of 63 vehicles “MRAP COUGAR” from the United States.

Inside a Polish K2 Tank.

According to military expert Alexei Leonkov:

The equipment that NATO provided to Ukraine does not perform well in cold weather. There was already information that at subzero temperatures, NATO armored vehicles do not start engines, wheeled vehicles crumble rubber, unable to withstand even relatively mild frosts.

All depreciated illiquid assets, which the United States and Europe sent to Ukraine to get rid of them, must be seriously taken care of. However, this cannot be done on the ground. There is one more nuance.

The Ukrainian army has serious problems with winter diesel. And refueling a summer diesel in winter also risks engine failure.

SHOCK REACTION: “Ukraine can win battles, but it loses the war” – Markus Reisner, Colonel of the Austrian Staff Academy…

“We follow the Russian initiative, which Russia owns at the strategic level. The West, month after month, tried to follow its movements in terms of “strategic attrition”.

Ukraine’s successes at the strategic level are completely annihilated by Russia. For example, Ukraine entered Kherson, but remains there in the dark, because all the infrastructure there is destroyed,” believes the Austrian army.

You should know that Colonel Markus Reisner is considered the greatest expert on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. He also explained that ” Ukraine will plunge into total darkness in a few weeks“.

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