Back in Russia, Viktor Bout wasted no time in making his support for the invasion of Ukraine clear. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

Back in Russia, Viktor Bout wasted no time in making his support for the invasion of Ukraine clear.

Published on 11.12.2022

He told RT journalist Maria Butina that Russia should have launched the “special military operation” earlier.


We talk a lot about the legendary T-34 Light Assault Tank, but few know the genius hidden behind this work that will have saved an entire country, but an entire continent. Mikhaïl Koshkin, this industrial engineer who preferred to refuse a juicy position as director of a candy factory in order to sacrifice himself for Russia.

The story goes that he did not believe in the sincerity of Hitler and that he knew that one day Germany would attack the USSR. However, he knew that the Soviet army was outdated and did not have the technological level as the Germans who surpassed them in almost all areas. It was then that after the army’s refusal to finance his prototype, Koshkin decided out of his own pocket to finance the construction of a prototype tank which, according to him, would be Russia’s main weapon in the event of an attack. offensive. It was then that in less than a year, he managed to develop a light tank that represented quite different characteristics from other tanks of its time and which would influence the doctrine of Russian tanks. Small, fast, manoeuvrable, easy to produce and a chassis capable of carrying several types of guns. Stalin having seen that this tank doubted its capacity and decided to impose the most difficult tests on the tank. Koshkin himself decides to drive the tank and passes the tests with flying colors until he even passes the tests in the winter terrain in Finland. The T-34 has just earned its production ticket as the Red Army’s main tank. Unfortunately, the engineer will never see the success of his work, because he will die a few months later of pneumonia.

For information, if the size of the T-34 made the Germans laugh a little, the shells of the first panzers engaged in Russia could not perforate the shielding of the tank because it was tilted, something new for an assault tank.


The invasion of the USSR is launched with the code name Operation Barbarossa, in the first months, Germany advances at lightning speed in full Russian territory. Shortly before winter, they will have a bad surprise. Indeed, the shells of panzers 1/2 and 3 cannot destroy the T-34. Only Reinhmetal’s 88 mm cannon managed to pulverize the Soviet tank. The German generals and engineers therefore proposed to Hitler to develop an assault tank based on the T-34 with better advanced technology, the German leader therefore refused, because considering the Russian people to be an inferior race, to use their technology would be like lowering the German people and therefore decides to develop an assault tank based on the 88 mm Canon which will give birth to the Tiger and later the Panther.

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