PANIC ON CNN! CNN boss Chris Licht was “forced to hire additional security guards stationed outside his 17th floor office” after cutting hundreds of employees from the channel. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

PANIC ON CNN! CNN boss Chris Licht has been ‘forced to hire additional security guards stationed outside his 17th floor office’ after cutting hundreds of employees from the channel – while ‘presenters from renowned are now looking for a new job to save their careers.

Published on 9.12.2022

The Daily mail reports that famous presenters are now looking for new jobs to save their careers. CNN CEO Chris Licht reportedly hired extra security guards to stand outside a conference room and follow him around after he cut staff at the channel.

  • Recall that earlier this year, billionaire John Malone – John Malone, a longtime friend of President Trump, bought CNN with the help of the White Hats and has been publicly planning for months the restructuring of the media. The board members have been very difficult to deal with because they have back channels to the FBI, the Clinton people, Soros to pressure them. They are protected by power chambers of elite lawyers who have direct ties to the United States Attorney General and Federal Court judges who take orders from the globalist elites.
  • Lots of details about CNN’s layoffs in recent days published Daily Mail, showing photos and names of TV journalism legends from days gone by and are now out of work. We see how the media is slowly changing the narrative.

Chris Licht, 51, has laid off hundreds of employees, including some big names on the air like Preet Bharara, Alison Kosik, Dan Merica and Chris Cillizza.

The CEO is said to have implemented an “open house” policy in the management conference room to allow any employees with questions to come and talk to him.

Licht had announced that there would be cuts in the days and weeks before the bloodbath.

One of the biggest cuts includes CNN’s New York bureau, which is considered a “stage first” for major events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing or the shooting of the Sandy Hook School.

CNN CEO Chris Licht was reportedly forced to hire additional security guards to wait outside the conference room where he worked, after laying off hundreds of chain employees in a recent wave of layoffs.

The cuts took place on Thursday and some big names found themselves on the chopping block, including hosts and contributors like Preet Bharara, Dan Merica, Alison Kosik and Chris Cillizza.

Licht, 51, brought in additional security guards to not only be stationed outside the executive conference room where he set himself up, but also to follow him throughout the day, Puck reports. .

The network boss apparently hoped to avoid any backlash or confrontation from the unruly employees who fell victim to the cost-cutting measures.

CNN CEO Chris Licht was reportedly “forced to hire additional security” to wait outside the conference room where he worked on Thursday after cutting 10% of the channel’s staff.

Preet Bharara and Alison Kosik are among the latest wave of job cuts at CNN.

Alex Field and Martin Savidge also lost their jobs as part of the channel’s cost-cutting layoffs.

Paul Begala and Chris Cillizza, political pundits, were both fired in Thursday’s layoffs.

Some CNN sources who crossed paths with Licht on Thursday noticed the presence of several security guards outside the conference room, and at least one accompanying Licht on his travels,” Puck reported.

Licht had sat in the executive boardroom throughout the day with the doors open to answer questions from remaining employees about the series of cuts.

Puck reported that the “heightened security presence on the day of the layoffs suggested that Licht was aware of the intensity of the emotions”.

While most of the layoffs are for off-camera employees, collaborators, producers and reporters like Martin Salvidge, Mary Ann Fox and Alex Field have also been laid off and are now forced to seek employment elsewhere.

Another big victim of the Licht cuts was HLN, a CNN affiliate, and all of its staff.

Longtime HLN presenter Robin Meade, described by Licht as “an exceptionally popular presenter”, has also fallen victim to the cost-cutting measures, despite her popularity.

According to the outlet, most employees did not accept Licht’s open invitation to discuss staff cuts.

What were we supposed to talk about? “said a staff member who survived the layoffs.

One of the major cuts made on Thursday is to CNN’s New York bureau, which is considered “first on the ground” during major events such as “the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing or the Sandy Hook school shooting”.

Many remaining staffers were “too busy consoling each other, or being consoled” by the cuts to visit CNN’s CEO.

The decision to keep the conference doors open all day, even with guards outside, was also welcomed by others in the industry.

This is real leadership,” an unnamed media official said in an interview with Puck. It is not easy.

In a memo sent to employees on Thursday, Licht called the changes made “necessary” and said they would make the network stronger for the future.

Our goal throughout the strategic review process has been to better align our people, processes and resources with our future priorities, strengthen our ability to fulfill CNN’s core journalistic mission, and enable us to innovate in the years ahead. coming soon,” Licht wrote.

The changes we are making today are necessary and will make us stronger and better positioned to make big bets in the future without fear of failure,” he continued.

The CEO, who took over from Jeff Zucker, who resigned in February after admitting to having a ‘relationship’ with a chain executive, has come under heavy criticism in the past for his actions, including telling employees that there would be no layoffs.

In June, Licht told employees, “As far as CNN is concerned, there are no layoffs per se. A layoff is a downsizing, where you’re given a goal, and that doesn’t happen at CNN.”

He then backtracked in October, saying some “changes” affecting “people, budgets and projects” were underway.

During his tenure, Licht also oversaw the shutdown of CNN+ and the firing of company veterans like Brian Stelter, Jeffrey Toobin and John Harwood.

The chain’s manager has also been criticized for his laissez-faire attitude with the company’s employees.

Mr. Licht’s office is located five floors above the CNN newsroom where his employees work.

Also, the CEO would have very little day-to-day contact with most employees, unlike his predecessor.

After taking over the reins of the business, Mr. Licht conducted a months-long review and discerned what needed to be changed to rectify the situation.

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