The Russian army accuses kyiv of drone attacks, the drones attacked a Russian military base and destroyed 2 bombers, 680 km on Russian land. – The Informant. 🇳🇱 #WeStandAsOne

The Russian army accuses kyiv of drone attacks, the drones attacked a Russian military base and destroyed 2 bombers, 680 km on Russian land.

Published on 6.12.2022

There were two drone attacks on Russian territory this morning.

Two EXPLOSIONS 680 km away in Russia, reported…. UKRAINE drones attack a Russian military base and destroy 2 bombers….

The Engels military base is where the Russian nuclear bombers are stationed which would be used in the event of a nuclear attack.

Russian airfield on fire after an apparent drone attack.

Statements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

  • On the morning of December 5, the kyiv regime tried to strike with jet drones on the airfields “Dyagilevo” and “Engels”
  • Low-flying Ukrainian drones in the Ryazan and Saratov regions were intercepted by air defense systems
  • Three Russian soldiers who were on the airfield were killed following an attack by the kyiv regime, four others were injured and taken to hospital
  • As a result of the fall and explosion at the airfields of the wreckage of Ukrainian drones, the hull of 2 planes received minor damage
  • Despite Kyiv’s attempts to disrupt the combat work of the Russian air force with a terrorist act, a massive strike was inflicted around 3 p.m. on targets in Ukraine
  • The objective of the Russian strike on Ukraine was achieved, all 17 designated targets were hit.

US company Maxar has uploaded better satellite images of the Engels airbase in the Saratov region, which was attacked by a drone yesterday morning. No damage was found even in high definition images. ㅤ

The same applies to the explosions at the Dyagilevo military airfield in Ryazan. Satellite imagery with aftermath is published by ImageSat Intl.

According to Russian sources, the drone that hit Dyagilevo air base was a Ukrainian Tupolev Tu-141 Strizh, a Soviet-made reconnaissance drone from the 1970s and 1980s.

A Russian Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber, damaged on the runway at Razan airport in Russia by a Ukrainian drone attack the previous night.

Alleged video of an explosion at the Russian Engels-2 airbase, Saratov region, Russia. The information indicates that the drone which is said to have fallen is the one which damaged the 2 Russian Tu-95 bombers. Planes used to bomb Ukraine. The drone would have traveled 600 km inside Russian territory

06.12.12 – More than 200 emergency service workers are fighting a fire that broke out at an airfield in the Russian region of Kursk, following an alleged attack by Ukrainian drones.

According to local authorities, the blaze was contained in parts of the facility. (RT)


  • 1) Kursk airport – the oil infrastructure near the airport was hit, causing depots to burn.
  • 2) Fuel depot in Lesnoye, Bryansk oblast – According to Baza, drones fell a few meters from fuel tanks.

‘Prolonged level of terrorist danger’: Ukrainian drone hits Kursk airfield in Russia

“As a result of a drone attack in the Kursk airfield area, an oil storage tank caught fire. There were no casualties. The fire is contained,” said the governor of the oblast, Roman Staravoit.

According to the Defense Ministry, the damage was caused by debris from low-flying Soviet-made drones shot down by Russian aircraft.

Probably old TU-141s, modernized and converted into combat drones in 2022 under the aegis of NATO.

Yesterday, the Russian air bases in the Ryazan region and that of Saratov, in the center of the country, also came under attack

“This morning, I convened the counter-terrorism commission and it was decided to extend the yellow level of terrorist danger from 5 p.m. today for 15 days,” added Staravoit.

An oil depot caught fire near an airfield in Kursk, Russia, following a drone attack, causing a large-scale fire.

Drone targets Russian airfield in Kursk region – governor

A fuel tank caught fire following an attack.

Drone targets another Russian airfield – governor
A fuel tank caught fire following an attack in the Kursk region, which borders Ukraine.
Drone targets another Russian airfield – governor

An airfield in the city of Kursk was targeted by a drone attack, according to the governor of Russia’s southwestern border region. The strike comes just a day after two Russian airbases in the Ryazan and Saratov regions, far from the border, were targeted with similar weapons.

“As a result of a drone attack, an oil storage tank caught fire in the Kursk airfield area. The fire is being traced. All emergency agencies are on site,” Kursk region governor Roman Starovoyt said in a message on Telegram Tuesday morning around 7:20 a.m. local time.

No casualties are to be deplored, according to preliminary information provided by the governor.

On Monday, a number of low-flying “Soviet-made” jet drones targeted long-range strategic aviation assets at the airfields of Dyagilevo in the Ryazan region and Engels in the Saratov region, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukraine: We are a hair’s breadth from nuclear conflict.

Nate of the popular Canadian Prepper channel ( explains how the West has just positioned itself a hair’s breadth from the outbreak of a nuclear conflict.

Ukraine, under the domination of NATO forces, managed to penetrate Russian territory with an old model of drone, the TU 141, and to approach a nuclear military air base, taking the risk of precipitating the world into a cataclysm.

We are in danger of being annihilated at the slightest provocation from the Ukro-Nazi regime.

If that happened, the whole world would become collateral damage from their feuds.

The United States gave Ukraine modified HIMARS to prevent kyiv from firing on Russia.

Before delivering them to Ukraine, the United States secretly modified HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, writes the Wall Street Journal referring to American officials.

According to the daily, this was done so that the Ukrainian forces could not use long-range missile firing systems on Russia, which is serious about “a wider war with Moscow”.

The 20 HIMARS systems that the United States has already supplied to kyiv are equipped with GMLRS missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of about 60 kilometers. The modified systems therefore cannot fire ATACMS missiles with a range of more than 200 kilometers, which would threaten, for example, Russian bases in Crimea.

According to Russian Defense statements, its forces have already destroyed 13 HIMARS systems and regularly intercept rockets in flight.

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